Rana the Deathworm
the Deathworm

Rana the Deathworm, also called Ximozatepancouatl, Jörmungandr or Ananta Rahanā, is an exarch of Malym. In life, Rana was one of the Couatl Lords who fought against the Naga. After seeing so much death in the war, Rana looked upon Damien as a cruel god and swore to eliminate the evils of death from the world. He was aided by a disguised Malym, who taught Rana the secrets of the transformation of a lich. Rana crafted his own phylactery and entered into lichdom spreading undeath throughout the land, all the while believing the virtue of his deeds.

Many battle occurred between Rana and the servants of Damien, resulting in the spread of both death and undeath. Damien threw a judgement upon Lord Rana and cursed the foolish lich's soul to be truly eternal so that he may learn a lesson about the virtues of death. In order to prevent the spread of more undeath, Damien created a dungeon deep in the world in which Rana would be imprisoned for all time. Rana was given only a single item, the Black Mirror, with which he could observe the outside world and gain wisdom of the nature of life and death. Instead, the lich quietly observed the progress of various societies and of various magics. He watched, he learned, he grew in power … and he grew in hatred.

History and folklore

After his curse, he is known as The Endless, as he is known to remain in existence even after the end, when the whole world is destroyed.

Due to the Black Mirror, Rana was able to enter into the house of Belsaba.

It is sometimes believes that his legend was the basis for the Ouroboros, the symbol of eternity and also the charge of the House of Purple.


Rana is generally depicted with a massive form that floats coiled in the air, or on the ocean. Sometimes he is shown as five-headed or seven-headed, but more commonly as a many thousand-headed serpent, sometimes with each head wearing an ornate crown.

It is said that he has spent so long in his dungeon that he has grown to immense size. So large that his form could circle the seas and meet his own tail.


His breath is noxious and upon one breath of it, a man will turn into an undead.

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