Biographical Information
Location of Birth Rykste
Date of Birth 1250 ARC
Date of Death
Home ?
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human (Midgardian)
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
House / Clan ?
Family Members ?
Occupation Prisoner
Loyalty ?

Ramund, son of Ramund was a former bandit of the Goldwood. He was trained by his father as a rope, textile and sailmaker.

He is notable for his humility, his disinterest in riches and glory and his eagerness to help.


Early life

From the frontier. parents are alive. no siblings. middle class. parents were sailmakers

his settlement was hit during the bandit wars in the Rykste Massacre.

Involvement with Bandits

Growing up in the backstreets of an urban jungle, you were forced to choose between surviving as a predator or suffering as prey. You affiliated with a guild, gang, or group of thieves and thugs, carrying out illicit missions to further their interests and sabotage those of rival gangs.

aligned with kressel against his local sheriff. caught up in the event. was pressured and maipulated.


When checking in at his fort, he was defeated by Raziah and taken prisoner to Oleg's Trading Post. He was judged as redeemable by Raziah and Ser albor-i-sollemnus. He signed a contract of indentured servitude for seven years.

Appearance and personality

might be haunted. some strange affinity with the undead.

very religious to Ornus. try to uphold ideals.

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