Ramon es'Ires
Ramon es'Ires
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1346 NS
Home ?
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pale Blue
Family Information
Family Members House es'Ires
Occupation Assassin
Loyalty ?

Ramon es'Ires-Cornella, feared across Salvatore as the power assassin and swordmaster Lightning, is a member of the Swords of Storm. He is supremely confident of his own strength and he only relies on his sword to aid him. He is a rival of Daevon Ivir and they often clash when on overlapping assignments.


Appearance and Personality

An extremely strong and powerful sword master; Ramon often appears aloof and indifferent, and rarely shows any emotions other than slight annoyance or dissatisfaction. He thinks highly of himself and is cruel to others, though he is quite protective of his minions. He cares very little for others, and thinks that people, while at times amusing, are ultimately expendable. He believes that struggle is the only way for survival. He especially shows great hatred for Daevon, who wields the amazingly strong and powerful __, a sword Ramon believes to be his.

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