Rahat is a port city of Durzagon. Located on a peninsula at the midpoint of the coast, it is the country's largest and main seaport.

A very old city, several thousand years old. Coffee is popular. major port city. Built next to river on top of Midan ruins. Foreign quarter. Thriving organized crime families.

Near a holy mountain. Next to a forest. Off shore rock formations of mystery. Many temples. Aquarian ruins too.

golden anchor
ancient temple of Capricorn
ancient ruins built by septimus severus.
large infernal church
musical tradition
a secretive religious sect of duergar found on the coasts - heretical from the state religion. believe in the reincarnation of a group of saviors that cycle through history. The Gate, the Key and the Meaning.


City has changed hands many times.


Foreign quarter


Golden Cliffs

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