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Aliases City of Twilight
City of Nine Stars (formerly)
Size Metropolis
Location Dhaencairn,
Ruler Duchessa Abrogail II
Population 34,700
(88% human, 7% tiefling,
5% other)
Exports ?

Quatermass is the largest city in Dhaencairn, the rumored home of Kira and was once a shining example of the greatness of both Vatharond and the Church of Light. Known as the "City of Nine Stars", Quatermass was a classic, enlightened metropolis, even a rival to Temple as a destination of religious pilgrimage and tourism. But then tragedy struck: Kira disappeared, a bloody civil war swept over the region, and decades of turmoil and strife plunged the city into despair. The ascension of the House of Thrune to the duchy cemented Westcrown's fate; no longer the City of Nine Stars, Quatermass now became the "City of Twilight." The remains of the nobility huddle in Quatermass, as the city itself crumbles under the weight of mismanagement, crime, and a mysterious plague of creatures that hunt the streets at night.



Quatermass is divided into three greater regions, or Parego, each sub-divided into an number of smaller regions, called Rego. The Parego Regicona is the local name for the large island in the centre of the city formed by two branches of the River Prosperity, namely the Westchannel and the Southrun. The island is divided by a number of canals and surrounded by an encircling wall with chained arches spanning the entrances to the internal canals. In times of war and civil disobedience chains can be hoisted between the arches to prevent access to the Regicona. Lifting bridges cross the canals at regular intervals which can be hoisted aloft to allow the passage of water craft through the city. It is divided into Rego Corna, Rego Laina, and Rego Aerum. The Parego Dospera is the northern section of the city that has fallen into ruin. It was once known as Rego Plea, and is now divided into Rego Cader and Rego Crua. Parego Spera is the still prosperous section of city were trade trumps politics. The longest canal in the city can be found in Spera as well as the two great Pegasi Bridges which date back to the days of the Church. The three sub-sectors that make up Spera are Scripa, Pena and Sacero.



Since the Thrune Ascendancy, the social scene in the city has changed dramatically. Where once a night out on the town might have included fine dining, an overly long opera, and stimulating conversation thereafter at a noble’s manor, Quatermass’s theater patrons today have much different tastes. Indeed, with the constant threat of shadow beasts lurking on streets and alleys after dark, the very concept of a nighttime play has vanished from Quatermass, replaced by matinees or late afternoon performances of an increasingly violent nature. Bloodsports in small-scale fighting pits, public executions, salacious private performances that are little more than orchestrated orgies, and even (it is rumored) the sport of hunting men and women like animals through Quatermass’s ruined northern reaches (known as the Parego Dospera) are the entertainments of the day, while nights are spent at home and off the streets.

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