Pydred (elven: Pydreth Sêr Adeinio) was an elven leader of the Snake Tribe and a large tribal confederacy (known as Pydred's Confederacy) which opposed the Allied Kingdoms of Nora during Pydred's War in 27-29 NS. Pydred has become an icon and heroic figure in elven history.

His father was Adeinio Maes Prifllys, Captain of the Trueborn mercenary company. Pydred grew up in the eastern Ghoper Forest during the Twilight Wars, where he was constantly exposed to warfare. With Norans continuing to encroach on elf territory after the Kingdom of Tir'Ein joined their territories with the new Allied Kingdoms in 1 NS, the Snake Tribe moved farther northwest. With a vision of establishing an independent elven nation north of the Bluog Seirff Sea, Pydred worked to recruit additional tribes to the confederacy from northern Tir'Ein.

During Pydred's War, the confederacy allied with remnants of the Death Legions and captured several forts. Pydred was killed in the Battle of the Caras, in the autumn of 30 NS.

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