The Prophets

The Prophets are an assassin guild consisting of Fainish patriots who are willing to use any means needed, even beyond the authority of the crown, to protect the nation's interests.

The group is lead by Gregory d'Villeret, who is a fanatical patriot and dire, merciless man that while having a love of his homeland and family is willing to commit almost any level of atrocity to see the nation as a whole thrive. A potent diviner, he created the Prophets when he realized that doing things through proper authority would not be enough to save Ilefain from a vision of destruction he beheld in one of his deepest divining sessions.

Since then he has used the Prophets, part assassins, part wizards, to divine the course of history and locate individuals who might harm Ilefain's future, and eliminate them. However to gain money he has also leased the Prophets out as normal assassins doing more mundane assassinations and criminal tasks to gain the resources to keep the organization going.

They use the stag beetle as their symbol.

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