A prophecy is the message that has been communicated to a prophet, which the prophet then communicates to others. It usually contains the foreknowledge of future events, though it may sometimes apply to past events of which there is no memory, and to present hidden things which cannot be known by the natural light of reason.

Known Prophecies

Ke'Vadar's Curse

O! Chosen of my enemy, I curse thee!
O, new angel of magic, I haunt three.
O, messenger of light, I hate thee.
Darkness shall you forever see.
Darkness shall you forever dwell.
Cursed are those who look upon you.
Cursed are those whom you look upon.
Forever shall you live to endure.
Forever shall I be there to torment.
'Til virgin's breath falls upon you
Saddened by the death of love
And the loss of innocence.

The Prophecy of the Mad Erlking

The Prophecy of the Firebringer

A crown with no head. A darkness.
Twenty leagues flowing in all directions.
All living things will bend when a powerful hand forces their submission.
Freedom will be unattended.
A healing fire can swallow fate.
Look for its bringer with a very fortunate symbol upon his hand.
Brought to join, the light of fire will burn away the darkness.

Ukret's Prophecy

Offered to Ukret the Bloodtide by the Keeper of Time as a boon for helping him defeat the Hourglass Tower.

Kill your third son, there is great trouble with his living.

Prophecy of the Hidden Babe

From a nest of ten horns, fires rush out to burn all of Nora.
A false king sits on a throne of bones.
Hidden from his eyes is a cave near the sea.
Inside the cave is a babe with the alabaster wings of Alexander
and a golden crown, which hangs as a halo.

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