White City. A city of prosperity. A city of universities, mansions and the largest marketplace in the kingdoms.

A mile outside of that wonderful place is Prestone Manor, the abode of Lord Henry Prestone and his wife, Marie. The manor looked as impressive as it was.

Lord Henry of Prestone was a warrior for the kingdom. He fought fearlessly against enemy hordes to ensure the safety of his land and his family. He was a large man, six foot, three inches to be precise. He had flaming red hair and a burly beard to match.

His gruff exterior hid a kind heart that belonged to his wife. Unlike Henry, she was petite and the daughter of a nobleman.

They lived happily for three years of marriage. Although they were trying to conceive children, she never bore fruit.

Henry prayed for children every night and his prayers were never answered.

One day when Marie went out for a walk in the local forest, she didn't return at the end of the day. Lord Henry sent out a search party the next day but there was no sign of her.

Henry became beside himself with grief. He neither ate nor slept for days. Then, one day, Lord Henry heard from a messenger that Marie was in a convent in White City. He rode there immediately.

When he arrived, she told him that she was unharmed and she didn't remember what happened. They went back home and within a couple months they discovered she was pregnant.

They were overjoyed when the evidence showed itself. She gave birth a month later than expected but that didn't drop their spirits as much as the sight of a pair of perfect elven ears on their newborn son.

The doctor said the child was a crossbreed. A half-elf and the only way for that to be possible is with an elven father.

Henry and Marie were shocked at this news. It is common knowledge that a village of forest elves lived near the city, but they never attacked unprovoked and an elven raping was unheard of.

Nevertheless, the parents took in the child and loved him with all their hearts. They named him Rayne because of his elven heritage. hey gave him the best upbringing that the son of a nobleman could ask for. His personal servant, Gregory, tought him an extended education as well as becoming his best friend.

When Rayne was eight years old, he traveled to a town a day's journey away. He was to be tutored by a cleric in the ways of religion. When he returned, six days later, he found the most horrible sight he would ever see.

Rayne approached his home to find his family's servant's bodies strung about the yard.

He went inside to find his home vandalized and the body of Gregory slain.

Rayne ran into his parent's bedchambers and looked in horror to see the bodies of Lord Henry and Lady Marie of Prestone dead. He couldn't help but stare at the sight. He stared and soaked in the image to remember for all time.

In all his scrutiny, Rayne noticed a piece of cloth in his father's hand. It was a thick red piece of cloth with a mark embroidered on it.

The mark was a black silhouette of a demon of some sort dancing in an evil way.

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