Prince Harold

Prince Harold Carol d'Falaven (c96 - 135 NS) was the youngest son of Shaun IV, King of Ilefain, and his wife Queen Eltrud. On Shaun IV's death in 112, Prince Harold's brother, Grimald I, succeeded to his father's throne. Afterward, Prince Harold withdrew from public life in 117 to take on the life of a wandering wizard.

"The first of a new type of wise royal," according to Cade Summersong, "more interested in knowledge than royal power, who frequently appeared in the following three centuries and who was an indication of the growing impact of education and literacy on Fainish society."

In 121 NS, Prince Harold founded the Yorik Wizarding Academy in Yorik, Brehr and became its first Headmaster.


Haunting of the Academy

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