Pray The Lord 3: Deadly Sin

"We have no need to summon her, she is already here."
—Sir Garrick of Vyknir

Pray the Lord 3: Deadly Sin is the third part to the Pray the Lord series. It is set in 1366 NS.



Part I: The Sowing Above

Part II: The Reaping Underneath

Part III: The Pool of Wrath


Alrik's Warriors

  • Alrik Bodak; vigilante
  • Marcel Towers, human warpriest; As for Marcel, so far I've only got that he's a bastard raised in the Church of Light who became part of a special demon hunting group from the Order of the Iron Spear, but the entire group was wiped out except for Marcel when they ran afoul of the Grindel. Secret son of High Queen Brahm born 1334, three years after she took the crown.
  • Errant Purpose, warforged rogue. I gave Errant a hat of disguise so he could masquerade as other races, and thought he might have taken on numerous alter egos over the years. Has periods of activity and then needs to sleep. Has a limited energy core. Each time awake has taken a different personality - with a different objective. Maybe each objective is preprogramed, but hes not sure why hes doing what hes doing. Errant Purpose is his original name, thought he chooses to go by a number of aliases.
  • Alexandra il'Savaza; Spiritualist
  • Alexander il'Savaza Blackguard
  • Valara; Enchantress wizard.
  • Yesfir vel’Kohlund; Fighter, daughter of Lord Henrik vel’Kohlund


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