Pray the Lord 2: Soul to Keep

Pray the Lord 2: Soul to Keep is the sequel to Pray the Lord. It is set in 1359 NS.

Mother Gethren

Sister Rozele

Act I: Dread

Gorvic remembers little. comes across Angnir Abby in the hills under the Alvorets. Nearby Mt. Grimmvell is seen. It is storming snow in the cold hills. There are yellow eyes in the woods. He needs to get to shelter quickly.

Gorvic soon discovers the abby is home to the children survivors of the Castle Blood Doom, one year ago.

Mother Gethren knows Gorvic, as he is the royal magus of the kingdom. It was said that he was killed in the Doom. Gorvic is sick and injured and must be turned in.

Act II: Death

The dungeons below the abby are known as the Midnight Rooms.

Act III: Defense

Gorvic Kell - Jon

Sir Garrick of Vyknir - Nic

Youri Dragovich - Don

Alrik Bodak - Geoff

gorvic runs through the woods and kocks oiut from a branch - eyes in the darkness.

gorvic wakes and ransacks the room, garrick opens the door and they discuss the sitch. gorvic wants his items. garrick takes him to the common room.

alrik bodak keeps dream journal and never takes the draught to reduce the nightmares of the Sleepless Abby.

alrik tells the kids to not trust gorvic after speaking with him. they agree to meet in the library later.

garrick and gorvic go the the mother's office.

garrickleaves office. getheren knows who kell is. kell says "The Doom is not over." gethern postulates that maybe kell went mad and slaughtered the castle. "if you expect me to belkeive that the royal magus doesnt have the power to kill at his whim, you think me more foolish than i am."

"I've always had faith in the gods" - sir garrick.

gorvic tells garrick to take care in the night. gorvic puts on simple clothes. garrick gives gorvic his fine cloak.

gorvic is kept in his room.

garrick looks for alrik, but cant find him.

day passes. gorvic sleeps

youri chops wood and hears noises from the forest.

sister Rozele scare. she was the one who found gorvic.

Youri fights the psycho urge to kill sister rozele. he tells her to get inside, it is dangerous at night.

When justice for past sins is shunned
when nights fall the soul keeper comes.

alrik is always calm and anylitical.

they all wake the next day. alric has the sigil on his neck. garrick has on his remaining hand.

alrik goes to mother and she gathers the children. asks gorvic what the meaning is. she beleives he is pulling a prank. garrick comes in the room and shows the sigil.

"I think I was let loose" - gorvic

gorvic postulates theories. they think gorvic brough the creature with him.

mother requests everyone to be sequestered.

alrik requests sister roz to take him to hte chapel at noon. she agrees.

garrick puts on chainmail and patrols, against the wishes of the mother.

alrik sneaks to chapel and brings the other kids with them. they bring their signet rings. rosele meets them there.

alrik's plan - the marks are from the angel of death - only seek out nobility. put rings in bowl and swear off your house. alrik will witness. he will bear mark by himself.

kids use the bell of noon as cover for their sneak.

gorvic hears the kids pattering. and hears the grindel coming. he heard garrick lock the door earlier, but whne gorvic checks the door, its open.

kids are reliefed. grindel manifests and desrtoys one of the children.

alrik tells the kids to run. he loads his oathbow and fires but misses.

garrick hears screams and runs towards the chapel.

alrik takes another shot and misses.

garrick enters.

alrik says "I had a dream it would end this way…" but is saved.

youri enters, but watches.

95 hp
grindel - 21 dam

garrick swips the grindel, saving alrik and the grindel narrows it eyes at him and dissapaits.

gorvic is equipped and enters the chapel

alrik says "It knows the name of your foe, the rest of what you need lies below".

alric to gorvic "you dont get to run this time"

garrick, gorvic and alrik go find the hidden basement, which gorvic knows about. he doesnt know how he knows.

youri goes to the mother.

in the baement, gorvic finds crates with his mark, full of foodstuffs, magical components and crafting supplies.

green flame torches, gorvic's preference.

"how profane was I to do all this under an abby?" - gorvic

"I did it at the bidding oif the king, at the bidding of the king!" - gorvic.

"its amazing how similar they are to us." - gorvic

garrick almost runs into youri in the dungeons.

garrick's sword is cold iron

they find kindly.

they ask him to infuse the oathbow into an angelkiller.

he does the deed says need to cast unholy blight

youri offers that he has trinkets from adventure's years. might be UB.

alt name for kindly - "Scratch"

the thing youri got from mother is.

chain whip - grappling (as blade of binding) iron with handle.

alrik notices the scourge in youri's hand and tells garrick, who confronts, but youri brushe soff and leaves.

garrick tells gorvic it doesnt bode well that youri has it.

alrik has the bow.

go back up. garrick looks for mother but office is empty. he leaves note.

they take kids. and leave.

"no children laugh this night and no light glows dim. should either of these prove false, so should your courage." - alrik.

eyes in the night in the forest. they run. and get into the cabin, but they are short a kid. look outside and see him still out there. youri goes out to get him.

youri claims he doesnt have a cellar.

they are looking for the scrolls in the cabin.

youri sends the kid to the cabin and he makes.

alrik finds clothes of differetn styles and sizes and a jewelery box of different kinds. alrik tells garrick.

youri comes back in and take gorvic to the room with the scrolls.

garrick sees scratch marks on cellar door. garrick calls alrik and they open the celler door. lights lantern. alrik sees slugs the size of trade bars. alrik pokes at the slugs.

youri comes into the room and sees garrick leaning over the door. he kicks garrick in. alrik yells gorvic that youri is a killer. youri closes the door.

gorvic cannot find a scroll of unholy blight.

garrick is still alive in the slugs.

gorvic enters the room. youri says the others are in there and leaves.

youri hears the grindel coming. youri kneels and prays for his soul and is sorry his "holy mission" failed. lantern snuffs out.

gorvic open doors. alrik comes up and goes into kitchen to get salt. gorvic casts burning hands. alrik pours in salt.

salt pushes back the slugs and reveals bones.

knock at the door. alric answers and sees jackel-hound. he is ahsi'ira. had to act late because he wasn't sure. gives a gift - scroll of unholy blight. he doesnt want another angel killer to be made, but alrik needs it.

"Why is it that tales of heroes are never about those who damn their souls to save others?" - alrik

alrik gives scroll to gorvic. gorvic laughs.

gorvic turns into the grindel. garrick attacks, and alrik casts the scroll with his planar knowledge.

grindel goes to attack alrik, but garrick take the claws of the beast impaling his chest. garrick wraps his arm around the beast as alrik fire the bow into the creatre and slays it.

alrik snaps the bow. and walks to the abby with the kids.

(mother is in hall, throat slit and the word "prayer" carved in her body. shards of glass in her eyes.)

"pray the lord 3: pray another day"

"the final chapter"

"in space"

"in da hood"



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