Pray the Lord

Pray the Lord is a minor saga that takes place in Svartsgard Castle of Vyknir in 1358 NS.

Jarred - greymalkin, 16 (Half elf Summoner) - daughter
- calf

Nic - Reinholt Thrune, (Human Rogue) - commoner

John - Gorvic Kell, 36 (Human Occultist)
- forehead

Don - Sir Echkhard Sokolov, 24 (Human Ranger) - son
- Hand

Justin - Drazhan vel'Rurak, 18 (Human Bard) - son
- lower arm

alice talks to echhard and drazhan.

echkard is athiest and the Marshal. inheirited role. dad died of cholera.

Drazhan - likes old ways from father. son of Gavrus

Sir Gavrus wears red krin feathers.

Drazhan is consultant feelancer type of crime solver.

Reinholt is charming and people like him.

"There are tombs in the tomes" - Gorvic

Gorvic owns an orgrehound.

secret escape route.

secret path from library to wine celler.

Don is newly noble through marriage.

Gavrus redmayne is herald.

guards take the book from yarok and give to master kell.

"Only gibberish to those who lack the keys to unlocks it. bwahahahaha."

eckhard gets shit done.

nic haers dog in castle wall

don seees package of black metal delivered.

john and just + jarred take tome to library.

mirra asks about book

bjergin mentions the grindel.

secret area is in the chapel inside the castle.

alexander in glass window.

nic noticed silver liquid in corner of window.

nic went crazy and revealed his true nature as evil trying to steal the blade.

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