A List of Realms


see Adnas

The realm of mortals. Where Nora may be found.


see Agnor

A pit of fire and hatred.


see Carcereth

The death-prison for all evil souls.

The Echoing

see Echoing

A realm of madness and despair.


see Frosthollow

The birthplace of undeath. A vast cave covered in ice.


see Gardenia

Cool breezes, summer fields and sylvan woods.


see harvollen

Deep blue ocean depths.

Holy Seicania

see Holy Seicania

The paradise of the blessed.

Mount Xepher

see Mt. Xepher

The warrior's rest. Where steel is sharp and the beer flows.


see Nerin

A realm of wind and chaotic storms.

The Shadowvast

see Shadowvast

The darkness where demons crawl out of.

The Twilithe

see Twilithe

The fey realms.

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