Pit Fiend

Rulers of infernal realms, generals of Hell’s armies, and advisors to the archfiends, pit fiends embody the awesome and terrible pinnacle of devilkind. Massive, physically indomitable, and possessed of ingenious evil intellects, these diabolical tyrants hold great autonomy whether in their service to the archfiends, in their rule of vast infernal fiefdoms, or in subjugation of mortal worlds. Thick muscles cling to their gigantic frames, armored over by dense, bladed scales capable of deflecting all but the most potent assaults. Fangs as thick as daggers fill their maws, bestial visages disguising some of the most insidious minds in Hell. Born within the depths of Nessus, the ninth and deepest layer of Hell, pit fiends are raised from the ranks of cornugons and gelugons by the archdevils and their dukes alone. While many travel to higher layers and far from Hell to command infernal legions, most remain in Nessus serving in the courts of Hell’s elite or in dark councils with unknowable purposes. Pit fiends always stand over 14 feet tall, with wingspans in excess of 20 feet and weights over 1,000 pounds.

Pit fiends are masters of fire and prefer lands bathed in flame. In Hell, this predisposes them to Avernus, Dis, Malebolge, Nessus, and Phlegethon the layers most likely to harbor their burning temple-citadels. Fanatics obsessed with diabolical superiority and ironclad obedience, pit fiends left to their own devices raise massive armies, scouring the pits of Hell for the most depraved lemures to transform into true fiends. When convinced they’ve formed the perfect legions, they turn their attentions to vulnerable demiplanes and mortal worlds, eyeing them for infernal domination and the glory of conquest. While obedient to the hierarchies of their kind, they are also strict in their enforcement, and should a pit fiend find itself subservient to a master unfit to rule, it holds itself duty bound to cast down such an incompetent lord. Thus, whether as masters or servants, pit fiends embody the will of Hell‘s merciless law and assure that only the strongest of devilkind flourish (or dare to).

Only the most powerful of mortal spellcasters can or dare summon a pit fiend. These devils‘ reactions to summoning are deliberate and swift, usually typified by overwhelming rage that such insignificant beings would waste their immortal time. Those that cannot weather the devils‘ burning rage are slain—their souls typically racing the pit fiends back to Hell. Those who manage to keep control of the greater devils though, intrigue them. A pit fiend might dutifully serve a mortal master for centuries, but its goal is always the same: to further corrupt the mortal soul, assure its absolute damnation, and when the mortal inevitably dies, claim its soul and begin the process of creating a perfectly corrupt lemure servant. Pit fiends know they are immortal and are intelligent enough to indulge in impossibly disciplined patience. As such, the eldest pit fiends see in their legions the faces of countless fools who once presumed themselves the devils‘ masters.

Twelve feet tall.
Personal servants of Asmodeus, lord of Hell.
Carry an ancus-like weapon in one hand and a jagged-toothed club in the other.
They can cast fire spells like wall of fire once per turn.
They have a 70% chance of gating in another pit fiend (and I guess that pit fiend cold do the same, right?).
They have an aura of magical fear.
Strength of 18/00, regenerate 2 hit points per round and they have a tail stinger.

Not much else there, as far as detail goes. There's a really cool section on devil talismans in the actual devil entry. I did a bit of searching, but I could not find any significant pit fiend encounters in 1st edition modules

Gargoylish in appearance.
They don't communicate much, but use telepathy when they do.
Once per year they can cast a wish spell!
They are the highest ranking devils in the Nine Hells. They are commonly found in Nessus (the ninth layer of Hell)
They sometimes command legions of devils and lead them into battle against demons.
"Pit fiends are spawned from the powerful gelugons… when those icy fiends are found worthy, they are cast into the Pit of Flame for 1,001 days after which they emerge as a pit fiend."
The text says to refer to the gelugon entry which, when flipped to, explains that for a gelugon to be "promoted" to a pit fiend, it must have served Hell flawlessly for 777 years.

Third edition pit fiends have an AC of 40, over 200 hit points and have very high spell resistance.
The bite of a pit fiend can infect you with a strength-draining disease called "devil chills"
Twice a day, a pit fiend can summon a few devils like an erinyes or an ice devil.
3rd edition has some helpful combat tactics, which is a cool feature. Basically, they'll probably hit you with a fireball, than a meteor swarm (!) and then close in on an injured PC for the kill.

There's also a very cool spell..

Investiture of the Pit Fiend: It's a 9th level spell that gives the target fangs and wings of a pit fiend. The target can do stuff like make claw attacks, let out a cloud of disease-ridden air, or gain a fear aura. It lasts around 15 minutes.

It can cast fire spells and has a fear aura. They have "…an inflated sense of superiority and entitlement", which is amusing. They are manipulative and political.

The Pit of Flame

The Pit of Flame is guarded by hordes of cornugons and is located in Phlegethos (The Fourth Layer of Hell). It is a huge lake of boiling filth and excreta, burning with searing white flames that reach over 100 feet high.

Devils who bathe in the pit heal and gain strength but also suffer great pain.Those not lawful evil are instantly consumed by the fires.

Known Pit Fiends

The Dark Eight

Legend has it that long ago, a pit fiend named Cantrum teamed up with eight other pit fiends to become a sort of mediating body between the Lords of Hell and the devils. Cantrum was assassinated. The rest of them, The Dark Eight, are now in charge of running the Blood War.

They hold council four times per year at the fortress of Malsheem in Nessus. The assassin of Cantrum was a paladin from Mount Celestia who was killed before he could escape Hell. If they go to other planes they magically disguise themselves as humans.

When a member of the Dark Eight is slain, another pit fiend replaces them, takes on the destroyed member's name and magically alters its' appearance. The idea is to promote the concept that the Dark Eight are immortal.

Of the eight (well, nine) original members of the Dark Eight, only two of them have endured the perils pertaining to their duties : Baalzephon and Furcas. The latter has been the leader of the Dark Eight since Cantrum's demise. Here follows a description of each one :

Baalzephon, Supply Master of Baator : The secretive and not talkative Baalzephon has been a member of the Dark Eight since its begining, and only with Furcas does she share this honour. Baalzephon is a female pit fiend, but in the Dark Eight fashion she often enjoy the guise of a female mortal. When she does, she appears has a regal, slender tiefling sporting small ivory horns on her forehead. Her eyes are bloody red and her skin dyed in a pale green hue. Her hair is black with streaks of shimmering dark green. She is generally clad in a reddish dress embroidered with gold threads which depicts unholy symbols.
As one of the most ancient member of the Dark Eight, Baalzephon knows almost every secrets and histories of the other members. She is known to use this knowledge to woo her enemies in subtle ways so that they eventually support her. She dislikes overt displays of violence, prefering to act from behind the stage. Baalzephon is probably the most mysterious member of the Dark Eight. She never speaks of her past, and generally seldom speaks at all.
As the Supply Master of Baator, Baalzephon is in charge of the availability of food and weapons in the Plane. Her role is to ensure that no battle is lost due to poor weaponery or lack of nourishement. Granted, scholars could argue that baatezu don't actually need to eat or drink, that they feed on belief. But it is probably safe to assume that they simply enjoy it…
Baalzephon's duty also demands she knows a lot of portals from and to Baator for her caravans to travel. That's why she is probably one of the most well-lanned person about the ways in and out the Nine Hells. Baalzephon has her base of operation on the burning city of Dis, the second layer of the plane. It basically consists of a loose rounding up of warehouses and smithys which stretches for uncountable distance in every directions. Alledgedly there is even more underground. Reports about this ward of Dis are hazy at best, for the secrecy and security level are extremely high here : any non-baatezu caught snooping around is generally killed on sight without warning, and high-ups are very resistant to bribery. Subsidiaries of this main warehouse dot every layer of Baator. Some of them are supposed to be hideouts for the most bulky warmachines that would not fit in Dis, such as massive juggernauts that would dwarf even the frightening Relentless.
Baalzephon herself dwells in Dis, in a relatively small and nondescript manse called Kerel'Taz, the Hall of Broken Mirrors. Compared to Baalzephon's reputation for self-indulgence, such a modest abode is surprising. Fact is, she does not spend a lot of time in Kerel'Taz. When she does, however, she usually dismisses the staff and rests alone. Reason for that is Baalzephon's shameful secret : at home, she reverts to her true pit fiend form. A form she has learned to loath. As a pit fiend, Baalzephon is an incredibly fat, sprawling mass of flesh, the result of millenia of self-indulgence and voracity facilitated by her duty as a Supply Master. Her short stays at home generally end as soon as she can not stand her image any longer and begin to smash mirrors in frenzy.

Corin, Spymaster : "Corin" is a name that few people would dare to speak aloud. Corin is the Watching Eye and the Alert Ear, He Who Never Sleeps, the Eavesdropping Shadow, and is still known by many names. This very abundance of monikers is a dead giveaway of the fear he can instill in the hearts of those who have secrets (that is to say, everyone on the lower planes). Corin is the master of a vast network of spies that penetrates every plane, from Baator itself to the shinning fortresses of Mount Celestia. Of course particular attention is paid to the events occuring in the Abyss (and more broadly, in the lower planes).
Until the arrival of the current Corin, espionage in the Abyss fared poorly. The lawful fiends didn't understand this lack of success, believing that given the disaray of tanar'ric society, they should have had no difficulty to infiltrate it. But Corin pointed out the flaws of this strategy. Baatezu spies were neglecting two importants facts : the higly distrustful nature of the demons, and the incapacity of baatezu to encompass the chaotic mindset of their enemies. In order to make up for these identified shortcomings, the clever Corin devised a new battleplan. Instead of simply bribing tanar'ri for informations, a method he rates as unreliable and expensive, Corin had Zaebos give him the names of the most unruly minor Baatezus in Baator, the kind of devil who had no chance of being promoted any time soon due to their wanton behavior. He told Zaebos that he suspected tanari'ric corrupting influence, and that he needed to investigate. But this was a lie. His goal was to create an underground army of more chaotic baatezus who would pose as tanar'ri in the Abyss. The lesser fiends, eager of being promoted, agreed for the most part to submit to Corin's "special training". Those who didn't were promptly sent at the hands of the Koacroachons of the Knoll of the Blades for an appropriate brainwash. Ever since the Spymaster has been succesful. However he lives in fear of being discovered and convicted of treason, for what he has done is one of the greater crime among baatezu : he willingly imparted chaos.
When working among his peers, Corin generally appears as muscluar and stocky pit fiend wearing a green steel mask on his face, which he never takes off. Legend has it that no one has ever seen his face and lived. Along the millenia, the pit fiend has carefully removed any clue of his past. However, Baalzephon and Furcas may still retain memories of Corin's history. Yet this knowledge is probably outdated now, for the original Corin is dead. Or so they believe. Fact is, the haze of secrecy and red herrings shrounding Corin is so thick that no one knows for sure who he is, who was his predecessor or even when he was deposed.
Corin is sometimes described as fickle and whimsical, and other words that do not sound good to the ears of a baatezu. And yet it is true that he is ridden by strange peculiarities and obsessions : sharpening his claws, washing his feet, cleaning his mask… It may be surmised that these behaviors appear when the Spymaster is trying to overcompensate what he believes to be embryonic chaotic tendencies. Corin genuinely fears that centuries of dealings with tanar'ri and dangerous experiments may not have left him unscathed.
When walking among mortals, Corin adopts whatever form he fancies at the moment, although he favors unassuming outfits. He has no fixed abode and can be found anywhere, travelling the planes in disguise ( and it should be noted that he doesn't like when his cover is blowed). However he regularly shows up in Malsheem.

Dagos, Marshall of the Pits :

Furcas, Minister of Mortal Relations :

Pearza, Chief of Research :

Zaebos, Minister of Promotions :

Zapan, Minister of Immortal Diplomacy :

Zimimar, Minister of Morale :

The Court of Asmodeus

includes a number of pit fiends:
Alastor, executioner of Nessus
Baalberith, majordomo of the palace
Martinet, constable of Nessus


Amon: A pit fiend who serves as the seneschal of Levistus. He commands a vast stygian army.
Lenphant: A pit fiend that controls a city called Grenpoli, the City of Guile on the seventh layer of Hell.
Neshm: A pit fiend who rules Neshminaar, a secretive city in Nessus. Here, devils experiment with breeding monsters and creating infernal constructs.
Utarla: A female pit fiend who is trying to stop Orcus's plot. The heroes can avoid a fight with her by convincing her that they're on the same side (in a really lame skill challenge). Her master is Asmodeus.

This adventure involves a half-duergar/half-red dragon named Imperagon. He's re-assembling this powerful efreet sword called the Blade of Fiery Might. Once the sword is made, he's going to lead an army of allies that includes illithids and "the hosts of hell" to attack our heroes' world.
Imperagon's main devil ally is a female pit fiend named Lydzin. Lydzin's minions include a devil-tainted cloud giant, a fiendish hydra named Torrix.
The adventure goes to great lengths to explain how Lydzin used a wish spell on the fortress, and has placed an unhallow spell and all of these magic symbol traps throughout the place.
Lydzin is part of the final battle, turning invisible and using spells, mostly.

Baazka had tried to build an army in Dragonspear Castle in the Forgotten Realms, but a priest of Tempus defeated Baazka using a magic sword called Illydrael. The blade broke off in the pit fiend's body as it fled through a portal.
"Had the blow killed him in the world, the devil could have returned after a century to wreak his revenge. Had it killed him in the Nine Hells, Baazka would have ceased to exist. Instead, the pit fiend’s black heart continued to beat around the blade. Fearing that removing the broken sword would mean his end, Baazka has struggled along in the Nine Hells, reminded of his desire for revenge with every painful heartbeat."
Baazka can enter the Forgotten Realms only in a ghostlike form that can possess people. How cool is that? Baazka proceeded to team up with the Red Wizards of Thay to build a bloodgate that might cure him of his condition as well as allow the Thayans to bring their forces to the Sword Coast.

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