Pirates of Seawolf Island

Pirates of Seawolf Island is a Minor Saga that took place in various places in Nicoboa and Seawolf Island in the summer of 895 PI.

The Mutiny Aboard the King's Bounty

Dujo Moin III, the Pirate King of Nicoboa, was sailing with his crew onboard the King's Bounty when the cook, Shevan, lead a revolt to overthrow the King. The battle was destined to be lost by the king, were it not for another ship in the area that received a SOS call from a mayo bird sent from the Bounty.

The ship Halcyon Days, captained by Aidric Halcyon sailed to assist the king's loyalist crew. With the help of the Halcyon Company, the mutineers were quickly put down. Shevan, for his crimes, walked the plank into a frenzy of sharks.

For his honor, Captain Halcyon was given a gold medallion and named as a guani, or king's servant.

Encounter at Nancy's Habor Cafe

A year later, Nicoboa was entering a fish famine. Captain Halcyon, as well as his First Mate Chawni and Quatermaster, Gheedo, has stopped at Nancy's Harbor Cafe in Coboguara for a night. Chawni, during her revelry, saw an old ara at the back of the bar with a rolled parchment in his shirt. Nancy informed her the man was a layabout nicknamed Ol' Bara, the Lostman.

It was then that a halfling crashed through the doors and announced with great fear that Dujo Moin III had died, killed in a duel with Shevan the Black, who was coming to the tavern right now. Most patrons fled, while Chawni, seeing the panic of Ol' Bara, stole him away to a hidden room under the tavern and there they lied quietly.

Shevan entered the empty tavern, save Capt. Halcyon, Gheedo and Nancy. His appearance had changed in the past year and now Capt. Halcyon found him covered in horrific scars. Shevan's crew, the Darkwater Reavers, began destroying the place as they were looking for an ara by Ol' Bara's description.

Ol' Bara, suffering from a bad heart and a worse ulcer, told Chawni to take the parchment and run out the hidden exit. After some hesitation, she did just as some Reavers entered the cellar. Shevan found the old halfling, but seeing that the parchment was gone, ran him through. Shevan, then spoke to a mysterious cloaked figure, who left. Shevan and his crew soon departed.

Capt Halcyon left the tavern and headed to his ship where Chawni met him and they set sail. The harbor was blocked by Reaver ships, but after a cursory inspection, the Halcyon Days left seemingly unaffected. After the ship left the harbor, the captain opened the parchment and saw that it was a map showing a safe passage through the reefs to Seawolf Island. Shevan the Black was after it so he may journey to the Pool of Blood and become the next Pirate King!


Capt. Halcyon decided to travel to Seawolf Island themselves, but they sail around the north-western coast of Conucola to throw off any would-be followers. A day later, they straighten northward, but Jico, the Lookout, spotted a ship on the horizon, one with the red sails of the Darkwater Reavers.

The Captain attempted to outrun the ship but it gained on them steadily. The ship, now seen to be Shevan's own flagship, Sea Wraith, was legendary in its speed. When Sea Wraith was several ship lengths away, the Captain saw a black cloaked figure on the bow of the ship. The figure began a ritual to summon a fierce storm and culminated in the creation of a maelstrom in front of Halcyon Days. They captain steered the ship into the maelstrom, rode the rim of the waters and was able to jump the ship out the other side.

However, the maelstrom was far from the worst thing summon from the ritual as great tentacles began ripping the ship apart. All the crewmen began attacking the tentacles of the submerged beast with the Captain summoning bolts of lightning to keep the massive limbs from destroying the ship. Soon the whole beast emerged and took the captain in its grasp. Gheedo dove into the water to fight the beast as it devoured Capt. Halcyon. As the storm whipped into a hurricane, Gheedo climbed back aboard the ship and fired the ballista into the kraken's head, killing it.

Chawni pulled the Captain out of the sea beast, but the storm continued to rage.

The Isle of the Sea-Witch

When the storm died down, it was already night. The ship was ravaged and needed to be anchored right away. Capt. Halcyon, recovering from his ordeal, picked a safe island nearby from his charts and docked at a lagoon. As they began making plans to repair the ship, they heard loud booming noises coming from inland. Chawni was chosen to explore southward and Gheedo was sent inland to investigate the noise.

Gheedo traveled inland and found the booming to be the clashing blades of two sea giants battling each other in the night. He watched as the two behemoths fought with ferocity and determination, but mysteriously stopped and shook hands in comradery. Gheedo stepped out and introduced himself. The giants gave their names as Rodt and Blafarge. Gheedo joined them in their camp, comprised of the smashed remains of old ships and joined them in drink.

Meanwhile, Chawni spotted a mountain on the isle and recognized it at once. She raced back to the captain to inform him that he mistakenly docked on the wrong island and this island was, in fact, Carayacola, the Cursed Isle. When the Captain attempted to locate his crew to speed up the repairs, he found they were all missing, drawn to the island's mountain by a sweet scent. A scent Chawni couldn't smell.

Gheedo returned to the lagoon with his giant friends. The giants told the halflings that Ibaya the Sea Witch lived on the isle and she calls to the hearts of men. The giants were able to stave off her enchantments thanks to an herb used in their drink. The giants gave them some of this herb and stayed to guard the ship while the halflings went to investigate.

They found the cave entrance saw that the lair floor was covered in a blue haze. They found some of the crew members drugged, which they removed from the cave and forced the herb into them and went further inside and down a level.

There, they saw the rest of the crew engaged with winged female creatures all while a beautiful woman watched from a throne on a raised dias. Gheedo approached her feigning enchantment and spoke with Ibaya. She told him to drink from her wine glass, which he did. The Captain also approached, in a more direct method. Though they talked, Ibaya became insulted and transformed to her true self, a hideous harpy-queen.

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