Peregrinus, Ghost Dragon
of the Gloomshine

Peregrinus was a green dragon of Gloomshine Forest who often traveled into the Twilithe and has since becomes trapped in the veil between the two worlds. He has since become known as the Ghost Dragon of the Gloomshine as he seems capable of partially manifesting himself and interacting with the physical world.

Before his imprisonment, he was a strong and beautiful wyrm, consort to Kuemthivra, one of the haremwives of Gwylltcawr, Devourer of Elves. He came to the Gloomshine Forest and sought to protect the ancient dragon temples there, but went mad after entering one of them.

After a clan of orcs attempted to summon a powerful primordial into the world, Peregrinus was trapped between worlds. He began to haunt the forest afterwards, never allowing a dragon outside of his get to enter the forest.

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