Noran Peerage
Heraldry of Canstian nobility
Heraldry of Einish nobility
Heraldry of Fainish nobility
Heraldry of Vathroni nobility

Noran Peerage is the system of hierarchy of lords and vassals that are employed in the Allied Kingdoms of Nora.

Becoming noble

To become noble requires money and sponsorship from a noble family established for _ generations.


Arranged marriages are no longer the standard method. Nobles are free to choose whoever they wish to marry. However, males are expected to be married by age 30, and females by age 20. If no marriage can be met by these ages, a matchmaker is usually called in.


Each house has its own canon, a standardized categorization of the general appearance and personality of its members. If a member of the house falls outside of this canon, their lineage is usually suspect.

Canstian Peerage

see Canstian Peerage

Einish Peerage

see Einish Peerage

Fainish Peerage

see Fainish Peerage

Much like everything in Ilefain, nobility has been well codified and categorized.

There are two major types of noble houses; Nobility of the Sword, signifying origins of warrior blood, and the Nobility of the Armlet, referring to the major merchant houses that have come to power in the last several hundred years.

Families belonging to the Nobility of the Sword can be easily recognized by the prefix of d' du' de' or the like. Having this prefix is a sign of honor and pride; to afix it falsely to one's name is illegal as fraud in Ilefain.

Vathroni Peerage

see Vathroni Peerage

The Peerage of Vatharond is the division of the Noran Peerage for those peers created in the Kingdom of Vatharond.

When Vatharond joined the Allied Kingdoms, Vathroni Peers elected 16 representative peers to sit in the House of Lords. The Peerage Act allowed all Vathroni Peers to sit in the House of Lords, a right which was lost along with all other hereditary peers after the passage of the House of Lords Act. Unlike most other peerage titles, many Vathroni titles can pass through female lines, and in the case of daughters only, these pass to the eldest daughter rather than go into abeyance.

The ranks of the Vathroni Peerage are Duke, Count, and Baron (noble knight). Vathroni Counts are unique from the other Peerages in using "of" in their title, as in Count of Rothirschtal. Vathroni Peers had the right to sit in the Parliament of Vatharond.

Vathroni Barons rank below Lords of Parliament, and, while noble, are not conventionally considered peerage titles; unlike others, the title can be bought and sold.

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