Palude family

The Palude family is a family in Asona, Canstice, having moved from a town near Fetch Lake further east.

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  • Baldassarr Palude: Elisabetta's cousin and Paolo's great-uncle. Nicknamed as Old Man Palude. Oath.
  • Elisabetta Orne: Baldassarr's cousin. She disappeared. She favored Paolo. Married to James Williamson. Oath.
    • Marianna Williamson: Paolo's mother and the daughter of Elisabetta.
      • Paolo Olmstead: Son of Marianna
    • Tommaso Williamson: Marianna's brother, father of Lazzero, and uncle of Paolo.
      • Lazzero Williamson: Paolo's cousin. Oath.
    • Carmine Williamson: Marianna's brother who committed suicide.
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