Ozark Quarzkolben
Ozark Quarzkolben III
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Dracheblut Clanhold
Date of Birth 1215 NS
Home Alexandria
Alias Junior
Ozark the Steeleyed
Ozark Fingerchewer
Title Knight Commander
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members Ozark "Two Trees"
Quarzkolben IV (son)
Reisendia Quarzkolben II
Occupation Knight Commander
Loyalty Allied Kingdoms of Nora

Knight Commander Ozark Quarzkolben III is a dwarf axeman and the Knight Commander of the Allied Kingdoms of Nora. He is known for his leadership while commanding armies and also well-known for his controversial outspokenness.

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Ozark Quarzkolben was born in the Dracheblut Clanhold to his affluent parents, Ozark II and Gennose. Although he was technically the third Ozark Quarzkolben, he was given the name Junior as a young boy, a nickname that has stuck with him well into his career.

As a boy, Quarzkolben read widely in the classics and military history. His mentor was Nade Malzen, a former schleichen guerrilla fighter and acquaintance of his father. The younger Quarzkolben grew up hearing Malzen's stories of military glory and from an early age he sought to become a general and hero in his own right.

Quarzkolben came from a long line of soldiers. He studied law and practiced in Luendig before joining the Alexandrian Army. Quarzkolben married Reisendia Ayer, the daughter of wealthy iron baron Fredrik Ayer. They had two children, Reisendia Quarzkolben II and Ozark "Two Trees" Quarzkolben IV.

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