Otiluke's Library
Otiluke's Library
Location Herons, Alexandria
Affiliation Council of Nine
Construction ?-?
Creator Otiluke
Associated Figures Otiluke
Susan Jenkins

Otiluke's Library is a large public library in Alexandria founded by the wizard Otiluke. It also functioned as Otiluke's home, both before and after his curse.

A prominent lantern hanging over the door.

The building invisibly and unperceivably is split over a vast astral rift. It acts as a seal to this rift. The exact origins of the rift is kept secret.

The library is a repository for cursed and dangerous artifacts and items. Kept is a dungeons within the astral rift.

In front is an open square with two fountains across from each other. Red tulips grow in great beds outside.

The upper levels are living spaces and guest rooms.

The ceiling is a golden atlas of the world.

Houses a mysterious shroud.

A huge statue in the middle of the building, stretching to the ceiling.

outside is decorated by caryatid columns

the library has a fire resistance effect on the building where fire may ignite, it can not burn any object or being inside the building.

A sanctuary for good aligned adventurers.

An undocumented teleportation circle and a secret passage into the undercity.

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