Othon d'Bataless
Othon d'Bataless
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Lord Othon d'Bataless is the patron of House d'Bataless. He has no sons, nor daughters. He has been urged by some in the past to sleep with a mistress in order to attempt an heir, but Othon's devotion to his wife and his own faith in the gods prevents him from doing so.


Appearance and personality

Othon was a slender man, with long hair. His eyes were ice blue, sharp and cold. His voice was the most notable thing about him, being deep and resonant, having been carfully practiced for a long time. When he spoke it was clear he had considered his words, and this would often lead to him to compose impromtu poetry.


Judith d'Bataless

formerly of House Windpath. A loving wife.

Ilian d'Bataless

student and paige

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