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Aliases Golden Gate City
Size City
Location Elevergers, Canstice
Ruler ?
Population 6,000
Exports ?

Ostium is a fortified city standing on the east bank of the Golden River. It is connected to a fortified bridge to a citadel on the west bank to handle border crossings from Ilefain to Canstice. Ostium is a crossroads trading town, so it is always bustling with caravans entering and leaving its walls.

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The ruler of Ostium, the Waterbaron, was elected for life. The Waterbaron in 38 NS was Bastienna d'Kheldor. This position was previously held by Augustin d'Chauveau, who had inherited the position from his father.


  • The central market: An open area marketplace filled with many stalls selling all sorts of goods, including crystal perfume bottles, magical potions, and spellcasting components of great rarity and power. Known locally as the Fishyard, this mazelike market always has fish on sale and even in the depths of winter, ice fishermen bring their wares to the stalls.
  • Beldabar's Rest: Probably the most unusual human-built Inn. It's located underground, beneath Ostium's central market.
  • Dannath's Pickles, Nuts, & Foods: A high-priced but very well-stocked food shop.
  • Happy Hall of Fortuitous Happenings: The local temple of Urala.
  • The Shield Tower: The tower is home to the 150 mounted guards of Ostium.
  • Winter Winds: A expensive, but excellent quality, clothing store.
  • Bathhouse: Aquarian unisex bathhouse.
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