location in nora
Capital Zymzeman
Largest City Zymzeman
Kingdom Canstice
Ruling House House il'Orglio
Demonym Ossian
Formation 660
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Common, Xeph, Infernal

Osia is a colony of Canstice located on the northern shore of western Zamunda with its capital and largest city at Zymzeman. It was founded in 660 NS by royal charter.

Because of a number of legal loopholes, bloodsport is considered legal in Osia. Gladiator games are a major component of Ossian culture. Every major city boasts its own arena and champions. The are three major gladiator schools; in Zymzeman, Prospero and Collossia. While not slaves, Gladiators sign themselves to their sponsor houses for a time of contract (usually a year and a day, with option to renew) and waive a number of rights during this time.

There are two local Xeph tribes that regularly interact with the region, the Bahari and the Pandi.

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In 809, the colony became home to a massive fleet of minotaurs, who defeated a Gith force that had attempted to interfere with them. The minotaurs left some time after.


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