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"May the strength of Ornus hold you up as his mountains do the sky."

Ornus is the god of the mountain, one of the twelve higher gods. He lives among monkeys and instructed man how to make steel. He is associated with mountain goats, stone, volcanoes and oak trees. He is strong and a stalwart protector. He created gorgons to pull his cart full of steel.

He is a god of creation and crafts and a patron to blacksmiths. He heals Kalabrath's body and armor when damaged in battle. Ornus can create objects merely by speaking their names aloud.

Ornus is said to be the father of the dwarves and is the protector of the Eisen Clan. He invented all languages and speaks those that are forgotten or have yet to be learned.

He interacts with mortals regularly and has sired many children with them. He encourages all to be kind to strangers and always be hospitable to guests. Those who don't, risk his vengeance. It is common to offer beer to those you have met as Ornus loves beer and thinks it a proper gift.

He is an enemy of lycanthropes and protects against werewolves.

Ornus loves flowers and makes sure that after a volcano spreads its ash on the ground, flowers will soon spring forth.

He commonly gives jewels found in the ground to those worthy and good hearted. Though he is slow to rise, once moving he is a force that cannot be stopped.

Once, when intoxicated, he tried to seduce Verai Songbird, thinking the god of civilization to be a beautiful woman.

One of the rites of Ornus; while visiting the grave of a loved/respected one, embrace the tombstone.

Depiction and symbols

He is usually portrayed as a large man with a long beard and long nose.

His sacred number is 40.


Protection means safety and sanctuary for the innocent and persecuted. It also means no mercy and swift retribution to the wicked.

Ornus encourages travel and worldliness.


His temples are always adorned with his holy symbol on eight banners both outside the entrance and in the main chamber. Flowers are always plentiful.


As a god of the earth, he is connected to fey and loves them dearly. The oread, or earth-fey, are his servants and companions. Berehynia, his consort, however, is a nereid; a sea-nymph. Whenever a volcano erupts it is because of Ornus's love for his consort. He has a strong connection to the sea, which is why mountain ranges are commonly found near the shore.

His highest servants are the Maruts, beings of uncompromising law and battle.


  • Bù Jiàn (law)
  • Berehynia (Protection)
  • Kessler (Artifice)
  • Jord; colossal, made of stone, plants growing on body, antlers, multi armed, walking mountain, wields spear, wears a helm (earth)
  • Munin; Robed man with 2 winged inevitable unicorns, beard and hammer (Rune)
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