Orgyno, called Haxareginn by Midgardians, is a minor goddess of elderly women, hags, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, sorcery and the decrepit. She is an exarch of Shaydis.

She is not a popular deity as many fear her and her clergy, which is entirely female. These are usually the throwaways of society: disfigured prostitutes, wives caught in adultery, pregnant teenagers disowned by their parents, and so forth. Priestesses are renowned for their ability to foster hatred and turn friend against friend. Her priestesses are also known to swap young babies for hideous monstrous creatures birthed from their own womb.

The priesthood itself has no canon or book of scripture, or temples; instead, they favor small shrines of simple piled stones. Some of these piles have cat's-eye gems on top or a painted representation of one, from which (it is rumored) Orgyno, herself, may peer and curse defilers of the shrine.

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