Knightly Order of the Iron Spear
Order of the Iron Spear
Type ?
Leader ?
Alignment LG
Headquarters Temple
Goals To protect the interests
of the gods and all those
who favor justice above
Scope International
Structure ?
Members Paladins, clerics

"The most terrifying power the average man can wield is faith. With it, perceptions can be changed, armies demoralized, and alliances crushed."

The Knightly Order of the Iron Spear is a militant holy order dedicated to the defense of the Church of Light. Members of the order, commonly known as paladins, wield spears with heads fashioned to look like the holy symbol of the Church.

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The order is split into 108 divisions, with several divisions having certain specializations. The 4th Division is the medical/supply division, the 9th Division is the combat division, and the 3rd Division is the research/scientific division. The 10th Division is in charge of newspaper and magazine-related duties.

The first 13 divisions are dedicated to the defense of Temple, while other divisions are found in other cities.

The Order is led by the Captain-Commander, who has the statuary authority to conduct all the affairs of the Order while deferring to the authority of the Church. The Current Captain Commander is Gottfried Nordvaar.


When St. Lydia defeated the evil invading adnas, she found followers believing in her ideals of good over evil. The order, for its first incarnation was a loosely knit band of holy warriors fighting fiends and injustice. Mostly unknown and never plentiful, the order was nestled in its own obscurity.

All that changed when Elknor the Wretched came to power. The Order switched its focus from fiends to the Death Legions and fought for the freedom of the people. Some liken alexander to this order, but he was never proven to be an official member.

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