Order of St. Eran

The Learned Order of Holy Emissaries of St. Eran, who's members are referred to as Eranists or Emissaries, is an organization of the Church of Light that is often seen as a heretical branch. The order is commonly found throughout Salvatore and is the prevailing church of the area.

Their teachings center around the holiness of immortal beings found in the outer realms, called Outsiders. All outsiders are considered sacred, regardless of their realm of origin or moral trappings, and are revered. These teachings are attributed to St. Eran, who was branded a heretic by the church.

The Order itself was founded by St. Eran's acolyte, Basilia Gutierrez-Ibarra after St. Eran's death and taught his teachings in hiding. It wasn't until 500 NS that the order was officially given approval by the Hierophant Sinibaldo the Nomad due to the order's assistance in the defense of Temple in the Second Hellgate War.

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