Order of Praavda
The Red Eye of Truth
Nav, Yav and Prav Runes

The Order of Praavda is a religio-political movement in Northern Vatharond during the 1360's. Its sign is the Red Eye of Truth (Krasnyeglaz). Its secondary symbol are the dwarven letters for NJP, which, according to the Order, stand for the three layers of the world, Nav, Yav and Prav.

The order's dogma speaks of a realm that lies inside the center of the world called "the Red" where anyone can achieve perfection after death.


Early formation

Capturing slaves and the Temple of Truth

Ensnaring the Great Spirits



The Devils of Truth

see Devils of Truth

The infamous six Devils of Truth are the powerful leaders of the Order. Each devil seems to be associated with an emotion or trait that they exploit in their foes. For example, Koroviev causes his enemies to recall their regrets, and Hella causes them to give in to their desires.

The Enlightened

see The Enlightened

These humans have paid a grim price for their "enlightenment": their freedom.

Dogma and Beliefs

Basic dogma states that there is a prevailing evil in the center of the world and only the faithful will be spared when the time comes for it to stir.

Nav, Yav and Prav

The three layers of the world.

  • Nav: The Near World of Truth and Law
  • Yav: The Middle Physical World
  • Prav: The Far World of the Heavens
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