Order of Agapetheon
Shining Order of Agapetheon
Type Cabal
Leader Commander Tenir Sérieux
Alignment NG
Headquarters Temple, Ilefain
Goals ?
Scope ?
Structure ?
Members ?

The Shining Order of Agapetheon (Draconic: Ordo Lucens Agapi Theos et Lux; Old Fainish: Ordre de l'Amour Lumineux de Dieu et Lumière) is one of the three major religious orders of the Church of Light. Members of this order are known as Invokers, or (less formally) White Mages.

As the order deals in both arcane and divine magic, the definition of the group as either a religious order or a wizard circle is blurry. According to the Fainish National Registry, they are both.




Commander and Vice Chief

A Member of the
Order of Agapetheon
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