Orbs of Dragonkind

The Orbs of Dragonkind are eight crystalline artifacts about the size of a human head, each containing the imprisoned essence of a dragon.

Each of these fabled Orbs contains the essence and personality of an ancient dragon of a different variety (one for each of the major ten different chromatic and metallic dragons). The bearer of an Orb can, as a standard action, dominate dragons of its particular variety within 500 feet (as dominate monster), the dragon being forced to make a DC 25 Will save to resist. Spell resistance is not useful against this effect. Each Orb of Dragonkind bestows upon the wielder the AC and saving throw bonuses of the dragon within. These values replace whatever values the character would otherwise have, whether they are better or worse. These values cannot be modified by any means short of ridding the character of the Orb. A character possessing an Orb of Dragonkind is immune to the breath weapon—but only the breath weapon—of the dragon variety keyed to the Orb. Finally, a character possessing an Orb can herself use the breath weapon of the dragon in the Orb three times per day.

All Orbs of Dragonkind can be used to communicate verbally and visually with the possessors of the other Orbs. The owner of an Orb knows if there are dragons within 10 miles at all times. For dragons of the Orb's particular variety, the range is 100 miles. If within 1 mile of a dragon of the Orb's variety, the wielder can determine the dragon's exact location and age. The bearer of one of these Orbs earns the enmity of dragonkind forever for profiting by draconic enslavement, even if she later loses the item. Each Orb also has an individual power that can be invoked once per round at caster level 10th.


Shi'imti origins

During the late shi-imti-civilization, Western Shi'im fought a series of wars with the giants of the southern mountains. The leaders of these giants were dragons, who lead armies of orcs and goblins against the sin-wizards of Shi'im.

The Runelords began the creation of the eight Orbs of Dragonkind, though they were likely not completed until the years of the last Runelords. They used the Orbs to capture dragons from the mountains and force them to battle the giants. Flights of dragons using magical fear to rout terrified troops were decisive in many battles.

Elven discovery

The orbs reappeared in elven legend, which tells of Dhanni bequeathing upon the elves five orbs of great power that would give them the necessary might to enable their culture to flourish. And so it was, with legend going on to tell how many an elfin knight used one orb or another to master and slay dragon after dragon. By this time, with the mastery of elfin magic and the great reduction in the might and numbers of dragonkind, the need for the orbs had diminished substantially.

Nevertheless, they continued to hold symbolic value and so the elves kept the Copper Orb within a scared temple to the Cianna, Temple of the Verdant King.

The Orbs

Blue Orb

Lost for centuries, buried with Neqoza, the Claimer.

Copper Orb

Kept in the Temple of the Verdant King.

Gold Orb

The owner of the gold Orb can call upon any power possessed by one of the other Orbs—including the dominate and breath weapon abilities but not AC, save bonuses, or breath weapon immunity—but can only use an individual power once per day. She can dominate any other possessor of an Orb within 1 mile (Will DC 23 negates).

Currently in the vault of the University of Jaress.

Green Orb

As for the Green Orb, it is known to have been carried eastward in the wake of the Gwerin Plagues to the great forest Arianna, now known as An Tuath. It was brought forth to help the pioneers deal with the great number of dragons that made their home in the verdant wood.

Amongst the many grand temples of the elves of the Arianna, it is said that none rivaled that of Yunis and Helos, for it was here that the Green Orb was housed.

A great meteor fell from the heavens and devastated Arianna Forest. It is unknown if the temple in any way survived this destruction.

Silver Orb

Rests in Greymont Temple after retrieving it from Agnor in 1373.

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