Orb of Fire

The Orb of Fire, also known as the The Flamestone of Arlais, Eye of Agnor or the Sunstone is a major artifact and an Elemental Orb.

It is a bright red gem once discovered by Ke'Vadar and fit into a gold bracer. He used it to exact his revenge on Kalmarra who stole the unborn child of Neegan Kenafin. The bracer was then taken to Ithyllirath where it remains.

The Orb has many abilities, some say countless, but it has a selfish and manic personality.


The orb is about the size of a human eye. It is a deep red color and fire swirls from deep inside it.

The orb grows with burning fire each time it is used and as its power it wielded, it grows larger and more and more out of control.


The Gwerin Plagues

Frae of the City was the Incarnate of Fire.

Razing of Arlais

Elven holy city of Arlais.

Hand of the Drow

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