Orasaca is a small city in Ibben, located in the wastes of Vrajiganula and acting as the region's capital. The city is bleak and foreboding, located next to no rivers and little landmarks nearby to break apart the seemingly endless fields nearby.

The city is famous for its brewing which is the city's pride and lifeline in the desolation. It is also the home of the Urmări Tomb, a very old and prestigious religious school and cathedral. The Urmări Tomb is a major site of pilgrimage for clerics of the Church of Light.

It was founded around 257 PI. The entire town is built in the usual Ibbish gothic style.

Every summer, the city holds a festival called Piatmuzik, celebrating its unique style of music.

Several years ago, the city received a sudden surge in population with psionic ability. Xephs and Zamundian humans settled here and brought their strange ways with them. Most of the community has accepted them, others have not.

In the center of the city is a large obelisk with a giant jeweled beetle at the apex. This is known as the Gândacul Ac and has mysterious origins.

The palace of the city judeţ is the Grand Ogradă. The current judeţ is the tiefling Zăduf Vîndutaru.

The city is also home to the tower of a very influential, if extremely ill-tempered, wizard. The tiefling wizard, Dimitrie Basarashku.

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