Oni, often mistakenly called ogre mages, are a powerful, intelligent and cunning race that possess several potent abilities. They often stand 10-feet tall and can weigh 700 lbs. Oni are versatile giants that combine physical and magical prowess in combat, using their prodigious strength to deal out significant amounts of damage while relying on its regeneration ability to shrug off wounds. When found in real danger though, they can duck out quickly using darkness, invisibility, gaseous form, or even their ability of flight.

They are able to take the shapes of other races and uses this ability to infiltrate their cultures.

They live in the land of the Nabenwold, east of the Wyrmspires, where they often war with their ancestral enemies, the duergar.

They breed dire tigers as sacred animals.

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Jing An

The Jing An, or Hidden Eye, is a secret cabal of oni that have begun to infiltrate Noran society.

Types of Oni

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