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Physical Description
Race Deva
Gender Male
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Occupation Royal Councilor
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Ohrahk is the royal councilor, sometimes called the Prime Minister, of the High Crown of Nora.

He has a background in the Church of Light and is a devout follower.


Early life

order of agapetheon.

Royal councilor

Appearance and personality

Ohrahk is described a brilliant, yet arrogant, selfish and obnoxious jerk. Ohrahk is a pacifist. He also believes that any relationship should be prioritized above everything else. Ohrahk is very articulate and speaks in a very cultured and academic way that is sometimes misconstrued as arrogant or sometimes impossible to even understand; because of this, he is generally very formal when addressing others. Ohrahk, despite his academic nature, is often subject to his rather powerful emotions. Ohrahk is also a very caring man. Ohrahk is known for his extreme loyalty, often putting the safety of his loved ones above all else, often going to unique extremes in order to protect those closest to his heart.

Ohrahk has an irrational fear of zombies, extending to the point where he cannot hear or say the word without difficulty.

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