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Nyothrond (nee-OATH-rond) was the capital city of Otland.

Was a bustling trade city, acting as a hub for exporting Otland's rich supply of fish, grain, timber, and ore. In exchange for these much-needed goods, imports of rare skymetals and ancient relics were common in Nyothrond's rough-and-tumble marketplaces.

Nyothrond, a city that has made prodigious use of wood in constructing everything from mansions, to streets, to forts, is known as "The City of Wooden Palaces." Due to the prodigious number of wooden structures within its walls, the city boasts several volunteer fire brigades that protect its buildings—citizens mostly join these brigades out of a sense of civic pride. There are but two notable stone structures—the Ruby Fortress, where the Dragonscale Throne sits; and the Bulwark of Ornus, a temple to the Lord of Iron.

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