A nothic is an aberrant subterranean monster. They are remnants of ancient Shi'imti spellcasters seeking a way to immortality. They transformed themselves into these creatures, but slowly went mad with the ages.

A nothic is a monstrous creature with terrible talons and a single great eye. When driven to violence, it uses its horrific gaze to rot the flesh from its enemies' bones.

Nothic are aberrations that live in underground lairs and ruins. Rumor has it that wizards who dabble in the arcane secrets are transformed into a Nothic when a rituals goes wrong. The Nothic retain no memory of their former selves. They do have an urge to seek out magic. They can be encountered lurking in cellars of the local arcane academy or ruins of a great wizards tower.

The Nothic seek forbidden lore and knowledge. They covet magic items and will easily accept them as payment for lore they may possess. The Nothic hope that one day their desire for magical secrets will revert their condition.


The Nothic is the result of a wrong turn on the path to lichdom. Perhaps as prank of Vecna, or perhaps as a curse by other powers wanting to deter those arcanists who yearn for the power of being a lich, a significant number (perhaps most) of those seeking the immortality of being a lich wind up as a degenerate nothic.

What was your nothic's long-term goal before the turning? These 'monsters' (former NPCs) were once intelligent, wise and focused people. What changed them?

Physiological Observations

Nothics are aberrations that appear as twisted, naked humanoids with a single, oversized eye. They often exhibit nervous ticks or obsessive/compulsive behaviors.

It resembles a lanky, hunched, olive-green skinned humanoid with a single, enormous, red, central eye. Its long arms are tipped with claws which drag along the ground as it moves in an awkward hop.

Its single eye grants it numerous abilities. For one, it can see through walls, invisible objects, and such. Its gaze also inflicts a rotting disease in those who meet it. With weak claws, and slow movement, this deadly eye weapon is the nothic's primary method of killing the victims it needs. It is happy eating carrion if it can find no victims, but prefers not to, being a sadistic creature fond of causing suffering.

Social Observations

Nothics are inherently suspicious, and often they will become convinced that a creature or creatures are hiding important information from him. He can easily, and irreversibly become fixated on such creatures, and turn violent when the creature does not (or cannot) reveal the information the nothic is sure it is hiding from him. Nothics do not form communities, establish culture, advance science, or reproduce. The only research they conduct is towards the singular goal of reversing their condition and becoming a lich.

Nothics speak Undercommon in a hoarse, wheezing voice.

Behaviorial Observations

The nothic is concerned only with spreading fear and pain, and feeding itself.

They are chaotic evil in alignment.

Nothics are incredibly smart, but have no constructive way to apply that knowledge. Play like someone with high INT, but low WIS. for example, you can list everything in the world about Architecture, but unless asked, you'll never bring it up. You just assume that everyone else knows that too

You may be half-starved like many hard-drug addicts - they 'forget' to give themselves anything but the heroin / crack they believe they crave.

Nothics are sentient, but they are incapable of focusing on any topic long enough to hold a conversation with the exception of topics specifically related to acquiring more knowledge that will help them on their path. Knowledge is their currency as well. Often a nothic will hold some piece of information that is important to someone else, and if the nothic becomes aware of this fact, it will delight in leveraging the information it holds for information from the other creature. However, again, the only information the nothic values is information that can further it along its path to lichdom. So even if a negotiator has an extremely valuable piece of information, unless it can be framed as something that will help the nothic reverse his condition and/or move towards becoming a lich, the nothic will have no interest in it.

All nothics hold the compulsion that somewhere there exists some information that will reverse the curse that has transformed it and allow it to resume its path towards immortality. It is their sole course of action. They may be able to engage in a short task as a means to the end, but they must have a sincere belief that the task will result in some key piece of knowledge.

Nothics almost never attack instantly. Their compulsion to find information drives them to investigate whether any sentient creature encountered has some piece of information that will further its cause. However, once a nothic realizes that a creature it encounters (other than another nothic, see below) doesn't possess such information, that creature is instantly reclassified as food to be harvested. However, nothics are not suicidal or stupid; indeed their primary drive is immortality, so if presented with the proposition that they will likely die, they will attempt to escape.

A Nothic lives a life of contradiction - they love the very thing they want to keep. Classic Nothic expression: 'you can't have your magick and eat it too!'

Also, they are addicted and probably gain / lose powers depending on what they have consumed. 'You are the magick you eat' and all that.

Inter-Species Observations

Nothics often inhabit a location that has a repository of information such as a library. And these locations can become havens for several nothics. Indeed, such a location can be cursed so that anyone who uses the knowledge stored inappropriately degenerates into a nothic. These cohabitating nothics do not form a community. Each is driven by his own obsessions, and while they don’t interfere with each other, they don’t socialize with each other, either. An attack against such a group is not met with organized resistance; the nothics defend without tactics.

Nothics form no bonds to other creatures. They will tolerate other nothics, because they know that they seek the same information, and if another nothic discovers the secret there is a chance he can acquire it from the discoverer.

Other species are food unless they can immediately present the possibility that they hold knowledge that can help the nothic in its path.

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