A list of notable weapons

This is a list of notable weapons.


Name Weapon Type Creation Current Status
Ar-Slahan Greataxe ? ?
Notes: Cursed. Wielded and banished by Steinkainer Eisen
Onoshi Battle axe ? ?
Notes: Brilliant energy; wielded by Alaina


Name Weapon Type Creation Current Status
Breninbrawd Elven Longbow ? Possessed by Antoine d'Moreau
Notes: One of a rare few bow given to non-elves as a sign of an elf-friend.




Name Weapon Type Creation Current Status
Painbringer Greathammer ? ?
Notes: Wielded by Fieriel in elven myth

Heavy Blade

Name Weapon Type Creation Current Status
Afongwaed Greatsword ? ?
Notes: The orc forged sword of Gogan Nghar Madyn
Androis Longsword ? ?
Bearcarver Greatsword Forged by Sangar the Maimed cell-content
Notes: Zolmir blade.
Darkflame Bastard Sword cell-content cell-content
Death's Death Longsword ? ?
Notes: the blood blade of septimus-tremanus
Dethwarg Bastard Sword cell-content cell-content
Notes: Sword of Arasia the Bloodwolf. With blood ever flowing over the blade, it bears sacred runes on its blade. Some tales say the sword is made by the dwarves, while others say it was given to the world by the devils of Carcereth.
Dragoncarver Courtblade Forged by Aldaen Zolmir Destroyed by Father Woland
Notes: Zolmir blade.
Elexorien Longsword ? Possessed by Nathan duch'Ard
Notes: Sword of Light
Glynwick Longsword cell-content Possessed by Kandral
Joyous Longsword ? Possessed by Stewart of Lindblum
Notes: Prismatic Blade of Lindblum. House de'Chantfeu's ancestral blade.
Midnight's Fortune Greatsword Forged by Sangar Zolmir II within Siobadh Tur Possessed by Alric Zolmir
Notes: Zolmir blade, mithral, blackened.
Nine Longsword cell-content cell-content
Save the Queen Longsword ? Possessed by Beatrix de Alexandria
Sunbeam Longsword cell-content Possessed by Silas Valligan
Notes: House of Valligan ancestral blade.
Tairne Longsword cell-content Within Caer Teithio
Zweiter Zufall Longsword cell-content Possessed by Felix Richter
Notes: Dwarfcraft luckblade, it was originally a mundane masterwork blade, but was once broken in battle and reforged thus acquiring its name, it was enchanted afterward.

Light Blade

The Blackblade Rapier cell-content Possessed by Jesse Blackblade
Fatecarver Rapier Forged by Aldaen Zolmir Possessed by Sangar Zolmir II
Notes: Zolmir blade.
Khwerebes Thinblade cell-content Possessed by Ke'Vadar
Mage Masher Kukri cell-content Possessed by Tirseo es'Ornelos
Snowblind Rapier cell-content Possessed by Timothy Loralen
Notes: Mithral
Sword of Lightning Scimitar cell-content cell-content




Name Weapon Type Creation Current Status
Wegfalscher Scythe ? Possessed by Viglundar Hammergrimm
Notes: Dwarfcraft; the Scythe of Dwarven Destiny



Name Weapon Type Creation Current Status
Fidelis Spear ? ?
Notes: legendary spear of St Lydia. Its bearer is immune to all Mind-affecting effects.
Himinn Hermaður Spear ? Possessed by Ranita Riverchild
Notes: given to Ranita Riverchild by Gammur, the spirit of Air. Translates from old giant as "Sky Warrior".
Pierces the Night Spear Created by Lámhláidir from a bolt of lightning ?
Notes: Once was wielded by Rhôn Fos Fehl, which allowed the elven tribes to unite and defeat the Diawliaid invasion.
Starcoat Longspear ? Possessed by Kylie the Just
Notes: Sentient; may take the form of a dragonling.



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