THE SURGING MAGICAND UNEARTHLY POWER of the Elementa'l Chaos can transmute the very essence of living creatures that dwell there. Bizarre mutations arise when such creatures are exposed to planar energy over the course of generations. The power of the elements suffuses their bodies, becoming an intrinsic part of their being.

The norkers arose from goblins that ventured from the world into the planes. Too weak to survive for long in the open Elemental Chaos, they sought shelter in the deep caverns of mountains and islands of elemental earth. In time, they gained the strength and resilience of that earth.

Although the norkers of the Elemental Chaos share the small stature of their goblin forebears, the strength ofearth gives them the ability to survive even in that cruel plane. Norkers have also crossed back to live in the mortal realm. These worldly norkers retain the abilities of their kin, dwelling in and exploring the Underdark.

Norkers in the world are found near sites ofelemental power, including volcanoes and planar rifts. Likewise, they are drawn to temples and shrines of Elemental Evil. Their limited intellect makes norkers perfect laborers and frontline troops.

The connection between norkers and the Cult of Elemental Evil is thought by some sages to be more than coincidence. Scholars speculate that the goblins that became the first norkers might have dwelled in earthen domains that were fonts of power for Ogremoch or his master, the Elder Elemental Eye. Norkers in the service of the Cult of Elemental Evil spend much of their time seeking out forgotten temples and hidden shrines to the Elder Elemental Eye.

Norkers make devoted servants and slaves. A norker pack is typically encountered under the command of a priest of Elemental Evil, a demon, or some other powerful elemental leader. The acolytes ofthe Elder Elemental Eye use norkers to defend their temples, to serve as bodyguards, and as expendable physical labor. These dimwitted brutes make excellent servants of the cult, because they are typically too dense to understand or inadvertently pass along secrets.

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