Noran Public Courier Service

The Noran Public Courier Service is the courier service of Nora. It was created by High King August ab Alexander in 735 NS to transport messages, officials, and tax revenues from one region to another. The messengers wear distinctive red cloaks that give them the nickname "Red Racers".


A series of forts and stations spread out along the major road systems connects the regions of Nora. These relay points provided horses to dispatch racers, usually soldiers, and vehicles for magistrates or officers of the crown.

A total of about 20 red racer stations are placed throughout Nora. Racers travel from these and rest at regular way stations along the roads. The racer changed to a fresh horse at each official station, taking only the mail pouch with him.

Mail Pouch

Racers stress the importance of the pouch. They often said that, if it came to be, the horse and racer should perish before the pouch does. The pouch is thrown over the saddle and held in place by the weight of the racer sitting on it. Each corner has a cantina, or pocket. Bundles of mail are placed in these cantinas, which are padlocked for safety. Also, the racers keep usual traveler kits for basic survival and are always armed.


Service Cost
Courier Service within Duchy 10c
Courier Service outside Duchy +1c / mile
Sending w/i 10 miles 75g
Sending b/t 11-100 miles 85g
Sending b/t 101-500 miles 120g
Sending b/t 501-1,000 miles 200g
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