Nikki Floren
Nikki Floren
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1348 NS
Home Temple, Ilefain
Birth Name Veronika Florentine d'Roux
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Dyed black
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members House of d'Roux
Martin Lurange d'Roux
Francois Mervoi d'Roux
Gustav Matthieu d'Roux
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

"The pouring rain sticks my hair to my face
An empty gaze is all I have left
The stars that once lit my way have dimmed, the sky turned grey,
The path, once so clear, faded away"

Veronika Florentine d'Roux, also known as Nikki Floren is the leader of the Followers of Sorrow's Path, a group of camp followers dedicated to feeding, healing and aiding those hurt or displaced by the Severing War. She was once a member of the Stargazers, a traditionalist holy order of the Church of Light, but she was branded a heretic and excommunicated with the rest of the order and left Temple in 1372 to search for the fabled son of Kira.

She is a member of the holy House d'Roux.


Nikki became a missionary for the Church of Light. She was trained as both a person to spread faith and to defend herself in hostile territories. She learned from her Great Grandfather, Cardinal Gustav Matthieu d'Roux before his death, about Kira and Her vanishing. Nikki took up faith of Kira even as the church began to officially move away from Her and was deemed a heretic when she refused to privately acknowledge that Kira was no longer the higher goddess reigning in the Church of Light. She fled Temple with the bracelet of St. Annabel and followed rumors about Kira's son towards Yorik.

Archmages Saga

see The Archmages Saga: Evocation

A visit to Archmage Chu Hsi

Followers of Sorrow's Path


Prince Rhyn

Resting outside the town of Lon Kuel in 1375, Nikki saw a group of soldier picking on a young elf in town. The soldiers soon turned their attention to Nikki, but the elf knocked a soldier over the head with a clay pot, provoking the others into action. Nikki quickly used her merciful bow to knock them all out and later excused the soldiers. After the young elf awoke, he gave Nikki an amulet with his personal knot on it in case she ever needed help.

Several days later, Nikki came to the elf for help with a contingent of Vathroni soldiers harassing her healers. It was then she discovered the elf's true identity as Rhyn Tywysog, Prince of Tir'Ein. Rhyn ordered the captain of his personal guard to take care of the issue and invited Nikki to dinner. Rhyn's personal chaplain, Valaphia Glasrad later gave Nikki a magical quiver to thank her for serving the prince.

The Newald Plague

In 1376, the Followers found themselves outside the small village of Newald.

Return of the Council

see The Archmages Saga: Return of the Council

Thynian of Rhyn Tywysog

Powers and Abilities

Deductive prowess

Merciful Bow


Normal Look: Long blond hair and green eyes. Fair skin. Wears bleached-white leather armor with gold highlights placed to form the holy symbol of Kira. Wears a long cape with red exterior and dark orange interior, trimmed in gold. Generally wears sandals. Carries a shepard's crook. She has not gone by this garb since she was hunted.

"Hunter" look: hair dyed black and put in a long ponytail. wide brimmed leather hat, died black and fitting the local fashion. Black leather armor and a light cloak with hood (usually down) black in color. Light shoes, also dyed black. Wears gloves. Carries a longbow.

Peasant Garb: Simple peasant garb, generally city style. Corset + skirt or blouse + skirt. Hair dyed brown and braided. Light boots, undyed. Carries a dagger openly at hip and "belt" that doubles as a sling. Keeps the bullets in a small pouch along with her few coins.


Maximilian Colwynn

Lucas Florentine

Rhyn Tywysog

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