Not all stars plot, some are merely portals of madness and hunger, best not thought of or contacted. One such star is the mad Dancer Nihal, the crimson beast who jumps and slithers around the place it should occupy in the sky dancing to the wild heartbeat of the universe, often called the serpent star, or the father of worms, Nihal's hunger is ceaseless, its voice the hissing of a million furious serpents.

Nihal's mortal servants are few, for it takes no special interest in this plane, but the warlocks who dedicate themselves to The Red Star wield wild and powerful magic and are driven to madness more swiftly then most. Or perhaps the mad are more drawn to Nihal's wild piping. It does not speak directly to its servants though, leaving them to interpret its distant hissing and frenzied motions how they will.

For it's madness though, Nihal does not demand blood; indeed only one star does: Gat-Nyabok'thil the Firesighted. Born in the depths of darkness in the center of the earth, it now holds a place in the sky, watching the world through flames and molten lava. Its cults are old, although the ancients knew the star by other names. It speaks to its followers through fire, demanding sacrifice in exchange for great secrets, granting its followers limited control of its domains of fire, blood, and shadows, and its champions immortality.

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