Largest City Coboguara
Demonym Nicoboan
Formation ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Halfling, Common

The islands of Nicoboa, also known as the Pirate Isles, is the homeland of the halflings. It is located on an archipelago in the Noran Sea southwest of Nora. The islands are not a member of the allied kingdoms, but are a member of the Council of Six Swords. The land has no capital and is run as a semi-anarchy with a small non-locational central authority in the form of the Dujo or Pirate King. The largest city is Coboguara located on Conucola.

The current dujo is Queen Blackleaf.

This archipelago represents the exposed peaks of a great undersea mountain range known as the Pirate Isle seamount chain, formed by volcanic activity over a hotspot in the world's mantle.


Ancient History

Contact with Nora


The Nicoboan Islands comprise a total of hundreds of islands and atolls. The three main Nicoboan islands are Kuacola, Conucola and Huracola. Most are inhabited.



see Coboguara

Niri (Small Town)

Tradition of fighting harpies for sport.

Rocado (Small Town)

Under the shadow of a mountain. Human friendly.

Pirasanha (Small Town)

Fishing town famous for its carnivorous river fish.


Bell. Cliffs. Ruins.


Church village.


Once home to sahuagin.


  • Halflings
    • Curu Halflings; cannibals
    • Shoal halflings; amphibious
  • Lizardfolk
  • Tengu
  • Fideal

Flora and Fauna

Nicoboa has several unique features found only on its shores:

  • Bolca: Plant with leaves that the ara chew for a stimulant.
  • Jasta Root
  • Mabi: Sweet fruit used for fermented drinks.
  • Yuca: A plant with a yellow root that is the staple food of the islands.



The Maelstrom

Vaco Rocks

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