2,000 Pages!

July 13th, 2015

We are currently at 2018 pages with the slot of 2,000th page going to Wivin, the Councilor of Wynfall from the Age of Kings Saga. Speaking of which, AoK is in its second adventure, Rivers Run Red with the game's first winter approaching. I can foresee this adventure taking up more than its share of game-time, but that's okay when we're dealing with political machinations of nations.

The second game, Legend of Elemental Evil just wrapped its third session with the sacking of Rivergard Keep and perhaps the defeat of the Cult of the Crushing Wave?

I'd like to thank everyone who has played in my games and helped to make my setting much more alive than I could ever do alone.

Delving into the Past

February 6th, 2015

After a rough year and having to split into two different gaming groups, I am back in the mood to run again. The Age of Kings Saga began last Saturday (Jan 31) with high hopes and good feelings all around. This is also my first time running 5th edition D&D and I am liking the system.

As for the second group, I have begun working on a game which will explore the very depths of history beginning in the early Age of War. I can then run shorter campaigns flowing up the narrative of history and explore multiple times and places. I have no idea when I will begin to implement this idea, but planning is underway.

We're at 1,897 pages at the moment, which will very soon be surpassed.

Back on the Airship

January 29th, 2014

I just passed 1,700 pages, with House il'Lunato marking.

There has been much controversy over Rise of the Runelords, so that campaign is on hiatus. The group seems eager to move onto the continuation of the Verdant King Saga using the Pathfinder rules system. The game will resume with the third adventure, Dragon Fire Dreams.

I've also been reworking Erdrafos and the village of Asona, in particular for a short campaign idea involving the Company of the Golden Hawk.

1,500 pages!

April 9th, 2013

The article on the Shadowstaff marks my 1,500th page.

Rise of the Runelords is in the middle of its second adventure, The Skinsaw Murders, with the characters just finishing with the Hambley Farm.

Work on the hypothetical Game of Thrones game continues on and off. Also in development is the Planewalker game, the restart of Sixth World and the continuation of Verdant King.

The system of Noran peerage continues to be refined and has come to the point where I'm reusing more noble houses than I'm creating. I'm making an effort to connect more than create; re-enforcing the concept of game continuity. Ancient kings of Nora's past are also getting more detail. Knowing what these kings did allows for a greater understanding of the foundations Nora was built on and what features, items and people can be connected to the past to give them a fuller realization.

Project 52

October 11th, 2012

News so soon? Oh my!

I have come up with an interesting way to help clean out important stubs in this wiki and that is my newly conceived Project 52! I have chosen 52 articles featuring what I have deemed to be the most important PC and NPC characters, items and locations. I will give myself one week on each article to completely flesh out the subject and give the article the meat it deserves. By this time next year, I should have fifty-two sparkling new and fleshed out articles that are central to the setting.

The articles in question are written below and in lack of any better organization, I am tackling them alphabetically (mostly);

Airship Alexandria Andreu es'Ornelos Asamed
Balbaroy Calori Chance Chevalier Chu Hsi
Dijanzi d'Obari Felix Richter Hellgate Ildrad Zinthys
Jaress Ke'vadar ioan-alexandru-ii Elegast
Kylie the Just Lindblum list of Books Lon Saesh
Los Torres tempest Merrium Kraemer Neegan Kenafin
Nikki Floren Orb of Darkness Orb of Fire Orb of Light
Pierces the Night Ranita Riverchild Rhon Fos Fehl Rhyn Tywysog
Rojio the Cheater rupert-purple-v Sangar Zolmir II Shadowstaff
Siobadh Tur Stepgate Kilgorin Elexorien
Tegtarian Teleportation Circle Temple Tenser
vastania-darkheart Vyknir White City Yorik
Alaina Lucas Florentine Ilefain Deck of Many Things

What I hope from the Archmages Saga

October 6th, 2012

It's been a while for news. Yesterday, the too-long running Archmages Saga finally came to a close and I feel that it is the most important campaign I have run for the setting as a whole. From the large cast of important NPCs, to the myriad of locations and enemies that it featured, I feel that I really helped me define the setting for both myself and my players. I hope to carry this through with each new game I run; a good mix of the returning and the new.

I have been having a flurry of creativity lately, especially with the lands of Midgard and Aventus. I am excited over such concepts as the Dracolychi, the Nine Great Cities of Midgard and the expanded ideas for world trees.

Several campaign ideas now brew; including a remake of the Lizardfolk Prince Saga, the continuation of the Verdant King and Sixth World Sagas, and even a possible game in Midgard featuring the destruction of a god.

While I still don't think the setting is fully "finished" in its creation, I do think it's well on its way. Once the Severing War has ended, I think I can finally say the New Age has officially arrive. But that's not for a while yet.

Old French and the Dawns of Two Ages

December 25th, 2011

Merry Christmas!

For last last couple sessions of Curse of the Crimson Throne, John has been playing a summoner with a concept straight out of Fate/Stay. Frederico's summon is the spirit of a famous historical figure, Arasia the Bloodwolf, Queen and founder of the Kingdom of Brehr.

Since writing the article on Brehr's legendary founder, I took the time to create a founder for Coranthe, King Theodor I. The name Theodor came from the current royal house of Coranthe, house-therosin, and the old english tendency to name things based off of the phonetics of the father's name. Therosin sounds like Thero's son, son Thero became Theo, and then I topped it off with a nice -dor to make all old-language-y.

Even though I've already been using old english for a lot of the names in the Four Brothers Era, I've decided to begin the shift to old french. The language is a cool mix of french and german sounds and is really appropriate for the Four Brothers.

I'm thinking about doing a saga set during Four Brothers that specifically is designed like Game of Thrones. I'm even tempted to use the ruleset from their RPG. I took a lot of direct copying from GoT in order to give the era some new flavor; the invading barbarians being the tieflings lead by Shefvis the Grand, the rise of a new religion lead by the mysterious Lady Esclarmonde and I'm beginning to work on the royal houses. As for the rise of monsters, I'm thinking of either some sort of alien invasion from inter dimensional beings or fire giants perhaps.

While I am working on that, I also begin to consider a saga set during the first years of Nora. Taking place either right after the crowning of Alexander, or his grandson, the first King to rule without the advice of a still living Alexander. It is, however, difficult to think of adventure strings when set in the "golden age of Nora".

Tomorrow is the second session of Archmages Saga: Conjuration. Even though the first session ended with some controversy, I am confident that by moving to the module material, it will be smooth sailing. Let's hope.

1st News Post and the Fainish Noble Quagmire

November 11th, 2011

Having just passed the first thousand articles, I've decided to begin a news blog on the wiki. This will hopefully springboard a complete rethinking of the site and some new and better features. I'm thinking about adding a Featured Article area and maybe going back through the Did You Know archives and making the trivia a bit more suited to the newcomer.

Also, I worked more on the complete mess that is the Fainish Noble Families. I organized the known families into territories, counties and baronies and such, and named a few of the lands. The next time I dip into this, I will try to start from the House of Chevalier and work myself up just to see how many pies they have their fingers into.

Another focus lately is that of the city of Jaress and the influential people there such as its Lord Mayor Clarence Purple, and the Grand Chamberlain of Ilefain, Dame Melisant Bijou til de'Mere. Balancing the influence of the House of Purple and setting up all the other noble houses of Jaress will be fun.

I am still working on the next session of the Archmages Saga: Evocation, but school is busy. Still, the next session should feature Castle Drackensteijn and its mysterious owner.

October 31st, 2011: 1,000 pages reached!

May 20th, 2011: 900 pages reached

December 21st, 2010: 800 pages reached

July 20th, 2010: 700 pages reached

November 2nd, 2008: Wiki Created

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