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Aliases City of Shadows
Size Metropolis
Location caer-duhbgar, Tir'Ein
Ruler ?
Population ?
Exports ?

Newcaster is a city of two halves. While Aeros is the most famous city in regards to nightlife, the rough-and-tumble night of Aeros can't compare to the complete metamorphosis Newcaster goes through when the sun sets. Different creatures come about, mumbling, lurking and eating. Whole buildings disappear with other ones taking their place, including the night-only Church of Caiphon. Streets change destinations and some fade into a darkness that no one comes back from.

The city is home to ancient horrors, cold mysteries and empty-eyed stares from strangers. It was once a city built entirely on trade, and prospered greatly, but since the trade embargo with Lorasia was enacted, the city began to die. Its citizens are desperate and on the border of going completely crazed.

However, in the last 80 years a savior has appeared. The organization known as the Gate of Caiphon, lead by the Emissary, has brought a certain prosperity back to the city, and all that was need to give was the night.




Arrival of the Gate


The Gate of Caiphon

see Gate of Caiphon

The part of the Gate that most townsfolk see are a mysterious group of men wearing long dark coats, hats and spectacles that walk about silently during the day. They are called many names, including the Strangers, the Tall Men or the Grey Ones. What is known is they are the eyes of the Gate.

There is much talk about the leader of the Gate, a figure known only as the Emissary, but little is known about him and few have seen any of his forms. What is known is he can be out during the day or night and he is the incarnation of the city itself. He is both cruel and kind and lives deep inside the Church of Caiphon.

Layout and Locations

The Church of Caiphon

Newcaster College


The Underhive

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