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Aliases ?
Size Small City
Location ?
Ruler ?
Population 12,300
Exports ?

Nesebe is a port city in Khemet. It has a great sprawling beach.

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Once a noran colony. Still has many ties to Nora and its culture.


Great white stone sculptures on the beach, many out in the water.
Ruins of an old noran castle in the sand.
white sand beaches and transparent waters.
Ruins of an ancient khemetian temple
off the coast is the Drowned City built by the Aquarians, but taken by the sea. It include a great palace gifted to the khemetian queen at the time.
large port and anchorage
ancient cathedral to the Church of Light. Legend says a network of caves and dungeons lie beneath.
A nearby massive rock with a hollow, often used by bandits as a hideout.
3 separate cemeteries, khemetian (fortress-like with high walls and mauseliums), aquarian (a marble tower with ossuary and crypts) and noran (rock hewn tombstones all in rows and a garden).
A chapter of the Knights of the Iron Spear.


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