Neegan's Quest

Neegan's Quest is a Minor Saga that took place in and around Ithyllirath in the winter of 1373.

Neegan's Descent into Dar Kunor

Neegan Kenafin awakes from his imprisonment at the sight of a strange cat, and a glabrazu! The glabrazu says something to the cat and disappears in a burst of flame. Neegan begins to leave, the cat follows. Neegan descends into Dar Kunor and meets Conroy, a rather odd druid.

Abbuth Overrun

They travel together and find the ruins of Abbuth. Now it is overrun with chitine. They fight through the city, Conroy finds a relic from the city and leaves Neegan to the darkness.

Neegan walks through tunnels large and small, next to lakes of lava and subterrianian rivers. Soon the halfling meets Ploesh, a kuo-toa on his way to the drow city Ithyllirath.

Arrival at Ithyllirath

Ploesh takes Neegan to the city as his 'slave'. There Neegan hears that Kalmarra, the drow he has been searching for is in the city, a guest of First House Myuran. Ploesh goes into the house and Neegan stays in the slave quarters, but the slaves are set upon his and the monk has no choice but to defend himself.

The slavers are upset and begin a public execution of the halfling, but the proceedings are upset by a bright globe of sunlight set by Faeryl, a surface drow. Her and Anstan Alar, a local drow mercenary, free Neegan and take him to the thieves' hideout; the statue of Dandan d'Myuran. There they begin plans to help Neegan with the capture of Kalmarra.

The Parade of Blood

The Devil Card

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