Neegan Kenafin
Neegan Kenafin
Biographical Information
Date of Birth Ythal 15,
Home Ten Horns
Alias Neegan Harefoot
Physical Description
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members Greyanna Kenafin (Wife)
Sedrick Kenafin (Son)
Nieson Kenafin (Son)

Neegan Kenafin also known as Neegan Harefoot, is a halfling who formerly was a disciple of the monastic Order of the Bladed Foot and is currently a student of druidic arts and culture. Neegan began his career his the intent on fathering a child. After marrying the drow bardess Greyanna Kenafin, who became pregnant with his child, Neegan's dream seemed to come into fruition. Sadly, however, Greyanna was killed by Kalmarra who was able to transfer Greyanna's unborn child into her own womb. Neegan now resides in the drow city Ithyllirath plotting to somehow reclaim his child.

Neegan is a cheerful halfling raised in Abdin human society. He has a tattoo on the left side of his face of a leaping hare. Neegan usually wears little clothing and fights unarmed with great skill.


Early life

Monastery life

Hand of the Drow

Quest for Kalmarra

Powers and Abilities

Ki Mastery

Druidic Knowledge

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