Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1345 NS
Home Four Winds Abby
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) Grandmaster
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color ?
Family Information
Family Members Ulrich Highwind (husband)
Odon d'Falaven VIII (son)
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

Grandmaster Nǎi-Shi (Shao: 乃施) is the last living scion of House d'Falaven and the grandmaster of the Four Winds Abby. She helped tempest track down the Agares Grimoire from Shadowcults in 1372, during which time she discovered her true identity as the last descendant of the Fainish Royal line.

She was given a prophecy that if she did not bear a son to reclaim the throne, Ilefain would fall into darkness.



A monk's life

Nǎi-Shi was found on the front steps of the Four Winds Abby by the current Grandmaster Glow. Glow named the girl Nǎi-Shi, meaning "Be what you do" in Glow's native Shao language.

Grandmaster Glow died without naming a successor, and administration of the abby went to Master Grasshopper.

Attack on Four Winds Abby

see The Archmages Saga: Evocation

Fighting the Shadow Puppeteer in the Abby
Skirmish on Hope Island

House Highwind

Thanks to the intervention of Maximilian Colwynn, Nǎi-Shi became engaged to Ulrich Highwind in 1373. She took on the rank of Grandmaster, leaving the workings of the temple to Master Tortoise.

Now under the protection of House of Highwind, she has been issued a contingent of bodyguards, known as the Handmen.

Wedding is Sephir 1373.

When ever at home, she will return to her monk garb, and will. save when performing wifely duty to dire the heir, she will sleep on a bedroll. She has to fight the risk of getting Used to this lifestyle, to keep herself as spiritually pure as possible. No jewelery, save anything required for the role, and then, again, only in public. She may have had to break the vow of silence, but, she still followed the strictures of it, make no idle chatter or wasteful speaking.

On Legis 19, 1373, Nǎi-Shi gave birth to Odon d'Falaven VIII. She stays for a year to raise the child before leaving.

she will, however, try and depart before there is too much attatchment from the child. It may seem cruel, but she does only what she needs to keep it healthy and happy. but, will return to the monastery to atone for her 'sins' and take back up the her monk-hood. Umm…in much the same reason for the space being made between the child, she will try and seperate on good terms. She may have a bloodline, but, she is returning to the life of 'Nai-shi' who is neither mother, nor married…..unless this would be very unlikely of a lawful good person, but, i am seeing this as a logical, and right course, of a monk.

will serve as his spiritual guide when he gets old enough, and possibly even teacher.

She had the child, helps it grow, then politely ends the wife-role…he can say his 'wife' is still around if he wants/needs, even take a duplicate if he wants. Nai-shi is no longer that person.

Appearance and personality

Different being, to her, since she is once more free of the 'chains that bound her from enlightenment'.


She has taken on the vows of celibacy, cleanliness, fasting, poverty and silence. After 1372 NS, Nǎi-Shi has voluntarily decided to break her vows in order to re-establish the lost House d'Falaven.

Powers and Abilities

Nǎi-Shi can speak draconic and is a historian.

Gofu mastery

Nǎi-Shi is a skilled practitioner of gofu and has learned the elemental fist. She is specialized in Fanged Snake Style gofu, but also is proficient in Scorpion, and Monkey Styles.

She was as the Wind, flowing through the battlefield like a breeze with barely a touch she did not allow. She was as Fire, fierce and destructive to her foes, yet at peace when the fighting ended. She was as Earth, strong and enduring, standing her ground while her allies may have fallen. And, she was As Water, mercurial and ever-changing in her actions, adapting to the moment to accomplish her goals.


Nǎi-Shi has shown exceptional skill in reading the behavior of others. She always knows when someone is lying. Her ability to read others also allows her to know what moves they are about to make during a fight. She can expertly anticipate their movements.

However, this skill does not translate to social graces, and Nǎi-Shi finds herself quite clumsy when relating to others.


While Nai-shi's parentage is unknown, her canon cannot be denied. She bears all of the classic traits of House d'Falaven and all divination magic concludes she is a true descendant.

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