One of the largest and most powerful of the Feywild’s
goblin kingdoms is Nachtur. A hobgoblin wizard who
calls himself the Great Gark, Lord of All the Goblins,
rules over a crowded city-warren in the caves and
tunnels beneath the rugged hills in the heart of a
thickly wooded forest. Goblin archers and wolfriders
patrol the surrounding region vigorously, harassing
travelers and pillaging anything of value they stumble
across. The Great Gark intends to unite all the goblinkind
of the Feywild under his banner, and so far he
has succeeded in subjugating several smaller tribes.
Under Gark’s rule, Nachtur plays at acting like a
civilized kingdom. Gark often dispatches ambassadors
to nearby eladrin cities and fomorian kingdoms,
and trades with several of the nearby fomorian
realms. Nachtur’s resilient mercenary companies
serve many fomorian lords, hags, and occasionally
Winter Fey lords. Nachtur’s warmages and battle
priests may lack the skill of eladrin spellcasters, but
they have numbers and determination on their side,
and some are strong in the magical arts of war. Gark
himself recently survived an attack by quickling
assassins. He single-handedly reduced them to ash.
Although Nachtur is not yet a real threat to the
eladrin realms that make up the Court of Stars,
goblin marauders often waylay eladrin travelers or
seek to capture nobles for ransom. The Great Gark
has some strategic sense as well as great tactical cunning.
Efforts by the eladrin, centaurs, gnomes, and
other fey of good heart to check the expansion of
Nachtur’s powers have proven largely unsuccessful
so far. If anything, these attempts have armed the
goblins with captured weapons and magic items they
never could have forged themselves.

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